Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Adults get envelopes....

My mom reminded us of this “Gabriel” story and I wanted to share it here so that I wouldn’t forget about it years later!

A few weeks ago we were having our weekly Thursday night dinner at my parents’ house and we were also celebrating my brother-in-law Jeff’s birthday. Gabriel knows that birthdays mean presents…I mean what 6 year old doesn’t right?

So we were telling him on the way up to Sioux Falls that it was Jeff’s birthday and when we walked in he went to look on the buffet table in the dining room, where traditionally presents are at, to check out Jeff’s “stash.

He got very concerned when there weren’t any presents there for Jeff….only a few cards. He said “Oh no, where are Jeff’s presents?” And then, as if a light bulb had turned on he exclaimed with much authority….

“Oh I get it… get presents and adults get envelopes!”

So there you have it….one of the mysteries of the “adult world” was just figured out by a 6 year old!

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