Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Today we celebrate our mothers. I am so fortunate to have both a wonderful mother and mother-in-law. Women who pray for me and set an example to me on how to love and raise my children.

My mom prays at red stop lights - isn't that great?!  She said that instead of sitting at the stop light and being irritated that she wasn't able to go...she started using her time more wisely and figured that maybe God wanted her to use that time to pray.

She has prayed for me and my family at LOTS of red stop lights. We have given her so many reasons to pray :) and even when it seemed like God wasn't listening to her prayers at times...she remained faithful and kept praying.

Today we see the fruits of her prayers. Yesterday my parents came up to Marshall with us as we looked at possible homes to purchase. And God really has blessed our whole buying and selling process. Last night Dominic said to me that he is glad that we stuck things out.  At first I thought that he was talking about this whole job situation....but he said "I am talking about our marriage".

I have said before that we had many years of TOUGH times. Many years when God wasn't a part of our family. Many years that my mom sat at stop light after stop light praying for a change. She said that she used to pray that I would have a strong Christian husband who would lead my family.

God has answered my moms prayers and we are seeing the fruits of that and our trusting God in all things today. So today I thank God for my mom and all of her stop light prayers. God is faithful!!

So Happy Mother's Day to all the faithful moms out there. Keep praying and know that God hears you and one day you will see the fruits of your labors!!

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