Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Our home...and the details

As some of you are aware we put our house on the market a week ago Tuesday. On Saturday we had our first showing and the couple that looked at our house have made an offer!

We have accepted and are moving forward in the process. We still have things like an inspection and appraisal etc. that need to happen before we are officially sold...but they should be happening in the next few weeks. We continue to trust God with all the details.

When we finally decided that we should move forward we had reached that point where we said "Ok God...if this is what you have planned for our family take care of all of it...make it happen."

And make it happen He did!! An offer in less than a week in this market - a miracle! We prayed for the perfect buyer with no contingencies and He provided just that!!  We feel truly blessed by God's faithfulness.  I had shared with a friend that so many things had to come together to be able to make this move possible and little by little, after we finally let go of trying to control everything and gave it up to God, He has proven faithful!

And this weekend we are heading up to MN to hopefully, once again God willing, make and have an offer accepted on a new home. Please continue to pray with us for everything to work smoothly!

But as I was driving home tonight I couldn't help but think about our current home. So many memories....some good and some bad. But one thing I know for certain is that God has been with us in all of the details.

God was there when a month after we moved in, a then 2 yr old Isaac got out of the house unknown to us and was running across the street in the ditch.  Our new neighbors had to come and tell us he was out there. Yes we were "those" people that didn't watch their exploring toddlers close enough. (For the record we thought he was in his room taking a nap so we were setting up our new computer in the basement....he was apparently NOT napping!)

God was there when I cooked my very first turkey and hosted a Thanksgiving dinner for our families. I was so scared that I would mess it up and so proud that I didn't cook the turkey with the giblets bag inside of it! :)

God was there through every one of our home improvement projects. All of the painting and new flooring, deck building and re-roofing.

God was there each time we brought another one of our children home from the hospital to their new home.  I struck me that Karlena and probably even Elijah will never remember this house as theirs and that makes me a little sad!

God was there when our marriage was falling apart and we thought that one of us would have to leave the home without the other.  And God was there and redeemed that marriage so that once again this house became a home. A home in which His name was spoken and celebrated!!

God is every wall, every room, every space that has become ours the past almost 13 years. Each inch of this house holds a memory. Oh how I wish I had written more down...taken more pictures...appreciated the gift this house has been for so many years.

It is going to be HARD to leave what has become so familiar, so comfortable.  In just about 6 weeks this home will hold another family. And I know that God will be here with them too. In all the details of their lives, He will be here.

I said a prayer on my way home for them today. I hope that they know Him like we have come to know Him in this house.  I understand that they have a 1 month old baby girl, a daughter that will likely have my daughter's room. Maybe she will remember this home like Isaac and Gabriel do.  I hope that it is happy and comfortable and familiar soon.

I have no idea what will happen this weekend. I don't see how it is possible to find and offer and buy a home and close when we need....but I do know that God is in the details and He CAN make the impossible, possible!

I am so grateful that I serve a God that is faithful and settles down into the details of my life. He IS good and He will be with us in our new home, I have no doubt! So today I continue to hand over the details and trust that He is taking care of all of it.

So, so very blessed.....


Mom said...

New memories will be made and old ones cherished. That little house will always hold a place in your hearts. Although it is always hard to leave what we know and love, a house is simply a structure. A home is everything else--people, love, memories, with God at the center. Your home will go with you.

Anonymous said... are a beautiful writer and often bring me to tears. Have you thought about writing a book? Devotional? Or about working in the ministry in some capacity? I would love to have a bible study leader like you.
I know the house situation will work out. Can't wait to hear the next chapter!

Steph Trout

Kami said...

I love that you have so many memories of your home that you hold onto and cherish, even those memories that may not be the best, you recognize as ones that brought you to a better place. Though 13 years have passed in the home that you love, you have many more years ahead of you in a home that you get to create! God will certainly be with you. He will provide the perfect place. He has paved the way for you and He will bring you to the perfect home for your family. Praise Him in every situation, even amidst the stress that often accompanies a move.

I'm so happy for you that He has so clearly opened the door for you. I'm even happier that you are obediently stepping through that open door, even though you may not know what's on the other side. You are an amazing woman and I am so thankful to call you friend! I will continue to lift your family up in prayer through this transition!

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