Sunday, October 9, 2011

Home Improvement Projects

Dominic and I must just have a thing for home improvement projects. That or there is something seriously wrong with us. We don't have the best luck when we start these. Things don't go as planned and they usually require several trips back and forth to Menards....but we had to tackle another this weekend.

Our bathroom vent fan has been busted pretty much since day one. It ran for the first few weeks, very loudly and then the fan just quit working all together.  Of course it must have been the original fan to the house because it appeared to have been installed and then sheet rocked around.

So we first tried to look into a replacement motor and it was clear that wasn't the best option for us. So Dominic ripped the old one out and was left with this big hole.

We went and found a new model - the only one that would be big enough to cover the old hole - and said a prayer it would go in ok. Dominic and Isaac worked for quite awhile getting the new one in - but it works and we shouldn't have to do this again for a long time!

Yay for new vent fans...with heat and light! :)

I also noticed a crack in our front door and mentioned it to Dominic so that we could get some caulk and seal it up. While we were buying that he said we should paint the door red. We had a whole gallon of paint left from the accent walls from Isaac's room and decided to try it.

Here is the door before. This project was my baby.

Here is how it looked after one coat of the Valspar premium one coat paint/primer. Not quite the desired look I was going for. (We had the same problem with Isaac's walls...not sure I will ever paint with this dark of a color again as one coat is clearly NOT enough!!)

But after about 4 coats it finally looked like I wanted it to. It is more of a burgundy than a red but we love it. My only regret is that Dominic thought of the idea before I did! :) HaHa!

And Isaac spent some time with our new power tool - a leaf blower/vacuum. That seems to be the "it" power tool in these parts - seriously everyone has one!! And with the volume of leaves that have already fallen and the many, many more that are left to come down we thought it would be a wise investment.

This thing is a beast and hopefully will make our taking-care-of-the-leaves job much easier and maybe even a little fun!

What kind of home improvement projects have you tackled lately?!

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