Sunday, October 16, 2011

Gabriel is 8!!

I can't believe that Gabriel is 8. How can it possibly be that he is that grown up already?!

Gabriel got 3 birthday celebrations this year! On Friday I surprised him at school and took him to Perkins for lunch. He had no idea I was coming and the look on his face when I showed up was priceless!

Then on Saturday we drove out to Parker to see Dominic's parents. Gabriel was pretty excited about his new Angry Birds stocking hat!

Then he started opening up his presents from his grandparents and ended up with a bunch of cash!

I just love the expression on his face here...he was just laughing at the fact that he was getting cash!

So excited! He LOVES birthdays!

Gabriel holding his new Angry Bird "pet".

Gabriel collects Pokemon cards and I bought this huge used set of cards from someone on Craigslist. he probably has 500+ cards for MUCH cheaper than I would have paid in the stores.

Then we spent Saturday night and Sunday in Sioux Falls with my parents and my sister and her family.  Gabriel was getting tired of me taking his picture here...but he was so happy to get some more cash!

All his cash and his Target gift card from my brother and his wife made Gabriel pretty pumped! He can't wait to buy himself a Nintendo DS! :)

My parents got Gabriel some more magic tricks to add to his collection! Gabriel loves learning magic tricks!

This magic set even came with a DVD so he can watch how the trick is done and learn it that way! He is pretty excited to show the neighbor girls!

Gabriel we are so blessed by you and can't believe that we have had the privilege to be your parents for the past 8 years. We are so proud of you!!

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Mindi Johnson said...

Happy 8th Birthday Gabriel!

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