Monday, October 17, 2011

My Sweet Girl - almost 10 months!

I don't know that I have posted any pictures of my sweet girl recently. Karlena will be 10 months in a few days but the end of this week is really busy for us so I thought I would try and get this out there now.

Tonight for the first time I heard her say "mama" more than 1 time. She has been saying "dada" and "baba" and "mmm" for a long time but just wouldn't say "mama". It made my heart smile!

Karlena is the best tempered girl. Maybe there is a difference between boys and girls...or maybe God just finally said it was my turn to have a child who was easily content, slept in her crib, and only cried for very specific reasons. Whatever it is I am loving this phase!

Karlena has her 2 bottom teeth and one tooth on top and another close on its way. I think maybe a small portion popped through today. She won't let me in there to see for sure!

I LOVE this expression. She was trying to get my camera and just had the funniest face!

She is starting to eat a few more things that we eat. She really likes rice and gravy. She likes to be able to feed herself and sometimes gets tired of us giving her baby food. She watches how we do it and wants to follow suit!

Karlena wants to walk so bad and in the past couple of days has taken an "almost" step. She can stand unassisted for several seconds and then instead of stepping forward will just fall forward. She always trusts that someone will catch her! I will be surprised if she isn't walking before she is one!

Karlena you are so joyful to be around. You are sweet and happy and love to watch your brothers. You also love to chase me around when I am using the Swiffer! It is hillarious!

We are so very blessed to have you as a part of our family! Happy 10 months!

I also have a fun surprise coming up in the next week or stay tuned!! I am so very excited about it and can't wait to share it with you! Happy Monday friends!

1 comment:

Tracy said...

she is so sweet! happy 10 months!

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