Monday, October 31, 2011

So behind - lots of updates and an invitation!

I feel so behind in blogging lately. I have a review to complete, a post about Gabriel's new pen pal and pics of the kids from this weekend that I want to share and other news. But honestly I just don't have the time lately to post like I would like I am going to throw a mis-mash together here.

I apologize in advance for the randomness of it all!

1) My sister Beth is pregnant again and I am SOOOO excited for them! She is due on the same date she was due with Isabel (May 8th) - only 3 years later! Can you believe that? So very cool. Please help me in praying for a healthy baby and pregnancy as the months progress. The only sad thing is that we don't live as close anymore so I won't be able to love on this sweet one as much as I would like. :( We will just have to make a few extra trips to SD this summer I think!

2) Yesterday I tried a lasagna recipe in the crock-pot. It was delicious and SO very easy.I found the recipe here at the Kraft website. I doctored it up a little, used 2 different kinds of cheese, some zesty tomato sauce and a sausage/hamburger combo. But I put it together before church and it was done when we got home. YUM!

Slow-Cooker Lasagna recipe

3) Gabriel has a new pen-pal! One of the blogs I follow was having a pen-pal exchange. He was paired with Reagan from TX! The idea is to send a little something each month. Gabriel LOVES getting mail so we thought this was a fun way to give and get something in return.

Here is Gabriel filling out his pen pal sheet and the things we sent off to Reagan...

And here is what he got in return! He was really excited about everything he got - thanks so much Reagan!! :)

4) I went on Friday to Gabriel's school to help with his Halloween party. I volunteered to make cupcakes to bring and decided on these...

They turned out pretty cute and the kids seemed to like them!

5) Then on Saturday after haircuts in the morning and a lazy afternoon, there was this trick-or-treating deal over at SMSU in the residence halls. Dominic took the boys over and Karlena and I stayed at home and then did some shopping at Wal-mart!

Here are Elijah and Gabriel in their costumes. Elijah has a different costume that he will probably wear tonight that is much warmer. Gabriel wasn't loving the mask - he said he couldn't breathe so we will know better to get a costume without a mask next year!

6) Karlena (who I don't have any recent pics of - after tonight I promise!) finally got her 2nd top tooth. She also took 3 steps before falling down a few days ago. She can stand alone without holding anything for a pretty long time any day she will be walking everywhere!

7) Wow - have you stuck with me to the end here?! If you have THANK YOU - you are appreciated! I want to end this post by throwing out an invitation. We have decided to have Thanksgiving at our house this year. We are traveling home to SD the weekend before and decided it might be nice to cook a meal here and just relax and enjoy the long weekend.

But we want to open our home to you! So if you are in the area and don't have anyone to spend Thanksgiving with - please let me know. We would love to have you over and be a part of our family. Seriously!

Have a wonderful week friends!


TanyaLea said...

You're so sweet to open your home up for Thanksgiving... I bet you'll have someone take you up on that.

I remember a couple years ago while I was getting ready one morning they were talking about the upcoming holidays, when this lady called in. She was grieving the loss of her mother, and had no other living relatives nearby. She seemed engulfed in sadness and loneliness and was wanted the holidays to be over, as she had no one to spend them with. Well, that sparked quite a response and before you knew it, people were calling in to invite her to join their families. Others were simply praying. It was a 'win-win' situation for her and I'm sure she was so glad she reached out. It was beautiful to see so many caring hearts reach out and wrap her in the love of Jesus. Loss is hard enough, let alone to deal with alone and during the holidays. But this lady called back later to thank everyone for their prayers and for reaching out. She had made some new lifelong friends and had invitations for upcoming holidays, as well. That's a bit of what it means to be Jesus to the world, so I just love your servant's heart!

Congrats on your upcoming new niece/nephew!

The lasagna looked yummy... I may have to try that one of these days. Sounds much easier than the traditional pan lasagnas.

And Pen Pals... what fun! I love that idea. I had a pen pal when I was younger, too. Her name was Elizabeth, but we only exchanged letters through our classes, so we never kept in touch past our 2nd or 3rd grade years. Bummer. And this day in age with everything being online, it's FUN to receive something personal in the mailbox!

Have a blessed week!! :)


TanyaLea said...

P.S.>> that long story I wrote about was on KTIS, our local Christian radio station. Forgot to mention that part!! ;)

Mom said...

We will be there for turkey day dinner unless bad weather intervenes. I even have napkins to contribute.
Do you remember the Christmas when Joan Parker and Marcella joined us for dinner? There was a blizzard that prevented grandpa and grandma and Jim, Karin, and Naome from coming. I had lots of food, so invited the neighbors who couldn't get to their dinner destinations.

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