Saturday, September 22, 2012

Alright, I Admit....

I'm jealous of my 15yr old son.

Why you might ask??

Well - this is the reason.....

 It arrived today. Well it actually arrived yesterday but we were gone and couldn't sign for they re-delivered today.

Is it wrong that my teenager has a way cooler phone than his mom? 
I think yes!! ;)

But I will say this. Isaac has a little job right now cleaning the offices where I work. He does it twice a month and makes enough money to pay for the data package on the phone plan and his full month's car insurance premium! (When that time comes)

Right now Dominic and I pay for his cell phone line access...but we don't have internet/data packages on our phones and that is an extra $30-40/month. So I told him that if that was something he wanted he would have to pay for that himself.

We bought the phone together...our "part" was his early birthday present from us....and he had enough + in his savings to cover the rest!

Isaac is such a good kid. Such a great helper at home with his siblings and a great student. So while I am just a little jealous of his new purchase, and want one of my own....I am pretty proud of him that he is willing to save and work hard to afford the "fun stuff" that he wants.

And because of a kind friend, he has a possible "in" for a job at a local pharmacy here in town. She is supposed to be calling him back in a few weeks to come and shadow her some Saturday to see what he thinks. It isn't a guarantee of a job - but we are hoping that it works out. He wants to pursue pharmacy in college and experience prior to college working in a pharmacy would be a huge advantage for him! Say a little prayer it comes together!

But I would love to hear how other parents handle stuff like this. Do you pay for your kids cell phone/data packages in full? Do you pay for their car insurance etc?? My parents were very generous with us kids and helped us with many things...but they also taught us the value of having a job and paying our part for some of the things we wanted.  If I wanted the name brand jeans my mom would give me the money towards the price of the "generic" brands and then if I wanted the name brand I paid the difference.  It sure made me appreciate the nice things I got a little more when I was invested in them. 

What do you think??

1 comment:

Kami said...

We make Claire pay for her own phone plan. Granted, she doesn't have a job at this time, so we still pay for it, but she works it off through babysitting her siblings and doing random housework. She is on a prepaid plan through T-Mobile, though, so it only costs $15/month (unlimited texting and 10-cents-per-minute phone calls - since she hardly talks on the phone, this works great for her). We are now visiting the topic of cars (she wants her own, of course) and auto insurance and the like. Since Monte and I both fully paid for our own first cars, we're thinking of making her do the same (and then we would pick up the cost of insurance) or vice versa. We do get to have the final say in what car she gets, though.

It's a tough position to be in when you're trying to teach responsibility, but you don't want to be too strict, either!

Praying that we both find the fine line in there :)

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