Sunday, September 23, 2012

Scarf Swap!!

I love "swaps". They give you an opportunity to "meet" someone new and get something fun in the process. So when Meredith over at The Tichenor Family blog announced that she was hosting her annual scarf swap, I knew that I had to participate!

We were paired with another blogger and given their blogs/info to contact them. I was paired with Jessica over at Just Rainbows and Butterflies.  Hop on over and give her a hello!! She is a true sweetheart and expecting her first baby very soon!!  She is so stinkin adorable and I am just a teeny bit jealous that she looks so great that far along! (I'm not sure at 36+ weeks I pulled off "adorable" that well!!)

Jessica and I had a chance to e-mail back and forth a few times and it turned out that we both really wanted to get an infinity scarf!  

 I was so excited when mine came in the mail. It is a beautiful, cream, hand-knit scarf. I took a couple of pics of myself wearing it...but let me warn you I haven't yet mastered the art of self-photography! ;)
 I love that you can wear the infinity scarves in several different ways!
I am excited to pair this scarf with several different outfits and think it is going to be a great addition to my fall wardrobe!! Great pick Jessica!
So once I knew that Jessica also wanted an infinity scarf I started looking for something cute.  I love Etsy.  It is a site where people who hand-make different goods can sell them. So I thought I would start there and see if I could find something!

I came across Janny's Girl and found a pretty deep purple scarf that I thought Jessica would love.  The shop owner was great to work with, and shipped that same day!  Jessica sent me a picture in her new scarf - I'm thinking I need one of those too! ;) I love that purple!

See...doesn't she look great?!  I wish I had that fashion sense even when I'm NOT pregnant! :)

The swap was so much fun and I am pumped that I got to meet another person from the bloggy world.  Jessica is nearing the end of her pregnancy so if you would just keep her and their babe in your prayers for a safe and easy delivery...and everything else that comes along with being a new mom!!

Thanks so much Jessica for the beautiful scarf and the fun swap. And thank you Meredith for making this all possible! I can't wait until next year! :)


Jess said...

You are the best! This post made me so happy! I just posed my link to the swap, so you'll have to check it out! :)

the tichenor family said...

Thank you so much for participating this year! Love the scarves you swapped!

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