Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Five Dollar Bathroom Makeover!!

We love the house that we found here in Marshall. We are so blessed to be here but if there was ever something that I could change about would be toning down/getting rid of all the yellow walls.

The previous owners LOVED yellow. Well I am assuming they did because that is the predominant color in the majority of this home. And while I don't hate is a color that I would choose in moderation. Maybe 1 room in yellow - not 5. :)

But paint is expensive and hiring someone to paint is expensive too...not necessarily in the priority column of the budget right now.  But Markel, our fabulous daycare provider, told me about the clearance paint section at our local Menards!

Apparently when someone buys paint and then either changes their mind, or buys too much and it is returned (did you even know you could return pre-mixed paint??? I did not!!)...they put it on clearance for $5 a gallon!! And $15 for a 5 gallon bucket!


I am telling you that is a steal!! And so the other day I ran in to see if they had anything and found a gallon of Grand Distinction Premium paint and primer in was a semi-gloss paint and the color was a minty green.

I wasn't sure that was a color I would normally choose but for $5.38 with tax I thought I could start with our small half-bath and see what I thought!

Here is the bathroom "before"...
It's hard to see exactly just what shade of yellow it was...bad lighting here I know...

But I was wearing a canary yellow t-shirt so you can gauge the color from that!!

So I was really anxious to get started on trying out this new green and seeing how it changed the space.  It didn't take me long at all and I was amazed at how much the new paint color transformed the space!!

 The bathroom feels so light and airy now!!

 I even think it makes the space look bigger than it did when it was so yellow!!  The green turned less "minty" and took on some blue/grey I love it even more than I thought I would!

And I didn't have to change anything else. The brown towels and rug I have still work perfectly. The silver light fixtures and mirror compliment the green nicely and even the artwork I had in there before looks better on these fresh new walls!!

And in all honesty I only needed about 1/2 the technically this re-do cost me $2.69!! That and a couple hours of my time and energy doing the painting!! But wow - if you ask me - it was so worth it!!

So next time you want a quick  and dramatic change in one of your rooms check out your local hardware store to see if they carry any clearance just make get a steal of a deal too!!

So has anyone out there ever done a room makeover like this for an amazingly cheap cost?? I'd love to hear what you did!! :)


TanyaLea said...

I love decorating makeovers, and one of the easiest ways to make an inexpensive impact, is with a can of paint! Even better when you score a great deal like that!! We've purchased many 'oops!' cans of paint from our local Depot ~ you can't go wrong at those prices! :) Looks good... very soothing and calming!

Rachel Lundy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rachel Lundy said...

That looks so good, Kristin! And what a great deal on paint!

mrclm said...

I repainted an entire home (rental) this way for under $50. I managed to find between Walmart & Menard's clearance paints 4 gallons in a fairly similar spectrum of tans and creams. I think all the finishes were the same as well.

Probably not exactly the colors I'd chose if I was living in it, but it too was to cover up a whole house of yellow, so it was a dramatic improvement.

Bryan John said...

A beautiful transformation! looks traditional with its cream color, its classic design of the room, produces a great mixture of homey traditional and cool and contemporary.

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