Monday, February 16, 2009

Did That Seriously Happen?

So this month has been mine to plan and run the Children's Church program at FBC. I really do enjoy the little kiddos and it used to be a pretty manageable group size. The praise is that yesterday we had a group of 14 2-5yr olds! Our church is growing and that is awesome!! But chaos can break out when there are that many little ones trying to do a project, playing with glue sticks - you get the picture. Even with 4 adults in the room it was still a little crazy.

One of the little girls Kaela had a birthday today and her mom called me at home that morning to see if it was alright if she sent some left over cupcakes from her party the day before. Of course right?! Play with glue sticks and fill them up with pure sugar and send them all back to their parents! :)

The project was completed and I make this big deal about Kaela's birthday and we all sing Happy Birthday to her and then I go in the kitchen to get the cupcakes. They are on this piece of cardboard on top of a black plastic base. So we get the cover off and I proceed to bring the cupcakes out to where the kids are.

As I am turning around to start handing them out the piece of cardboard flies off the plastic base - no they were not secured - and in one fell swoop the whole tray of cupcakes lands face down on the rug! I seriously could not believe that this was happening!

Of course the frosting - which is blue and green and yellow - is smooshed into the rug and the cupcakes are, well NOT going to be the treat for the day. I felt terrible. I went to Kaela and said how sorry that I was and that I couldn't believe that had just happened.

Kaela, being the forgiving girl that she is, just shrugged her shoulders and said "that's ok". She could have been so very upset with me and she was so gracious instead! What a sweetheart!

So I of course promise the kids that I will bring cupcakes next weekend to replace the ones that I destroyed. And they had to settle for 1/2 a Little Debbie cosmic brownie and some animal crackers instead.

What a clutz I am! And I know this because one of the other little girls promptly told me that her mom would NEVER do something like that! :) Yes you heard it right...I am the mom that ruins the birthday treats of another mom's child. Julie - thank you for laughing with me when I told you what happened!!

So there you have it - my week started off with a bang. Hopefully this isn't a sign of things to come!

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