Thursday, February 19, 2009

Maternity pants – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Ok – so there are some definite benefits to wearing maternity pants, but there are also some negative issues too. Why do you need to know theses? You probably don’t, but I am going to share them anyways! :)

The Good – Having a large stretchy panel of fabric that easily covers the belly is not only comfortable but safe too. Safe you may ask?? Yes – for instance say a pregnant mom is sitting in a meeting, a meeting that extends on for 2 ½ hours. And during the course of said meeting the mom drinks down a 20oz bottle of water. After sitting for said amount of time it becomes quite apparent upon standing that the need to utilize a restroom facility has reached a level of utmost priority. Eliminating the need for the undoing of belts, zippers and buttons relieves a large amount of stress in an otherwise emergency situation. This benefit has become apparent to me on several almost unfortunate instances.

The Bad - The manufacturers of a large majority of affordable maternity pants seem to have an interesting “standard” when it comes to the size and shape of the average pregnant mom. It has become my experience after trying on a variety of different styles and brands that most women who are in fact pregnant must also be vertically challenged. No offence to a woman of smaller stature. But I am not an incredibly tall woman; I am only 5’7” – pretty average if you ask me. And I have found that most of the pants I try on are made with a shorter woman in mind. So throughout this pregnancy I have had the appearance of preparing for the next great flood. Fabulous.

The Ugly – And finally I have also come to find that these same “short” pants have an unusually excessive amount of fabric in the “rear” area. As a woman who doesn’t have assets in great quantity in that area, this is also a concern for me. So in addition to waiting for the floodwaters to rise, I often look as though I am carrying around a large diaper in my pants. Seriously – if I can grab several inches of fabric from around my backside we have a problem.

So there you have it – use it, lose it, never speak of it again. But now you have a glimpse of my world on a daily basis. Have a wonderful Thursday!

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