Monday, June 15, 2009

1 Month Birthday!

I can't really believe it but Elijah is 1 month old today!! The past 4 weeks have flown by and it makes me a little sad to know that my leave off with him is quickly fading away! This is Elijah in his swing this morning after his shower. Yep you heard me right. He, just like our other boys loves the shower. He hates taking a bath but when he gets in the shower he just closes his eyes and looks so peaceful and comfortable. Last night when he was really fussy Dominic took another shower and it calmed him right down.

He is definetly a growing boy and still eats all the time. I am excited to see in another month how much he weighs. I tried weighing myself and then myself while holding him and I read that he is approx. 11lbs. But you never quite know with the scale. He has grown though and is close to being too big for the 0-3 month clothes we have for him.

He is starting to respond a little more to us, smiling (I don't believe for a second it is gas!!), and just watching us. Yesterday I had left the room and came back awhile later and was talking to Gabriel and Elijah moved his head to the side in my direction when he heard me. Makes mom smile!!

He is not sleeping well at nights still and goes through some very unhappy time at night. I don't know if he has colic or tummy problems - but it is hard to see him so unhappy. Hopefully we will get past this phase before I am scheduled to go back to work!

Today Beth and Isabel are coming down to visit us for the day to hang out - so we are looking forward to that. Dominic had to go back to work today - his first full day back in a month. He was pretty depressed about it this morning! It is fun being off together as a family. Now if we could just win the lottery!! :) Tomorrow he has to travel to Pierre for work for 2 days so I will be on my own. I know it will be fine, but I am not looking forward to him being gone.

Happy 1 month birthday my son. I thank God for you, you are a blessing in so many ways!

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Anonymous said...

We loved seeing the new photo of Elijah. It is hard to believe he is already a month old. We are having wonderful weather in the south of France!

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