Tuesday, June 22, 2010

13 weeks

Today we had our first doctor's appt. in 5 weeks. It was a LONG wait but well worth it. We don't have much to report but we do know that as of today Baby Smith is healthy and very active.  At 8 weeks the baby looks like a small bean. At 13 weeks it looks like a baby. We were able to very briefly see the spine and 2 arms and 2 legs. At one point my doctor said that baby was sucking its thumb!

We got a couple of pictures, but they aren't the best because the little fart just wouldn't stop moving. Fiesty! But I shouldn't be surprised with all the fiesty Smiths we have in our home so far! :):)

The heart rate was 172 - nice and strong. It is just nice to have confirmation that everything is good today. Now we just have to wait another 2 months before the "official" ultrasound when we have the chance to see if this one is another boy or our chance at a girl. Time will tell I guess....but what do you think? Any guesses??


Melissa said...

I'm always wrong when it comes to guessing... but I'll say, since the heartrate is high, that it's a girl! Do you go to Sanford Women's? I was there today for an ultrasound... just wondering!

Amanda said...

Ok... so, wow!! YAY!! Amazing!!! SOSOSOSO SO excited for you all!


Melissa said...


My first are 11 months, 5 days apart. So, for 3 weeks out of every year, the girls will be the same age. I'm excited that Samantha will be 2 this weekend, although a little hesitant! Ha! My 2nd and 3rd will be 15 months apart! I almost think it would be easier having twins, because they'd all be at the same age level, but it's amazing watching Samantha & Maggie play together now. Maggie is a little sponge, watching everything her big sister does, and trying to do the same. I've found the best thing is trying to have one-on-one time with both of them. They eat it up!

Do you remember me? I worked in Loan Service until Samantha was born... but missed a lot of work during the pregnancy, because I suffer the entire time!

Anyway- I look forward to reading all about your progress with your 4th! I can't imagine!!! 3 is killing me! :)

Sal B said...

I haven't been on bloggy land for a while, but just stopped in to say hi and I see you are expecting again!!! AWESOME!!! Congrats to you!!!!!!!!!! That is wonderful news! Hope you are feeling well and that the pregnancy goes wonderfully! Blessings to you!

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