Friday, June 4, 2010


This post is going to be short, but I need to ask you to pray for Karlena.  If you have read my blog you would know that Karlena is my best friend that lives out in Colorado.

She is in the hospital right now and on a respirator.  It is a very scary and stressful situation for her family.  Our prayers are that she will be able to get off of the respirator this weekend and will turn the corner to recovery.

If not some difficult decisions will need to be made next week. We are praying it doesn't come to that and my heart is heavy as I write this.  I would give more details but honestly right now I don't have the energy to. It has been an emotionally, exhausting day....and I am not even there at this point. I know it is even more so for her husband and son and her parents.

So please pray that regardless of the outcome, God will grant peace into the hearts of those of us who love her and for rest and healing for her as well.

I will try to post more as I have it. Thank you in advance for your prayers. We all appreciate it!

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