Monday, June 7, 2010


The bold lettering in my title doesn't say it enough but GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS!!

This weekend has been rough. Karlena has been in the hospital since Tuesday evening and on a respirator since Wednesday.  When I talked to a few different members of her family yesterday I heard that she was not responding even with decreased amounts of sedation, she continued to fight her respirator tube but yet wouldn't wake up!

The doctors said that they couldn't figure out why she wasn't responding. Karlena has some specific directions on how she wants the end of her life...when that be handled and so because of her condition they were having to discuss all of those options.

I felt so helpless being here and not being there and so all I could do is pray. And this morning I prayed that something dramatic would happen today. Either way, that God would make it very clear what His plan for Karlena was.

And boy did He make it clear!!! Linda, her mom called me about an hour ago and she was awake, responsive and off of the respirator!!! She had been fighting the tube all night and they finally got her to respond and decided to take out the tube and see what happened.

I can't even hardly put into words how amazed I am at all He can do. He deserves ALL the glory and I am so very grateful. Thank you for all of your prayers!!

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