Tuesday, August 31, 2010

BIG News and BIG changes!!!

This post is one that I thought I would write many times over and much longer ago than today….but finally I can openly share some big news and changes that are going to be happening in the Smith household! For those of you who have prayed for us during this time – Thank You!

Dominic has worked for nearly the past nine years for South Dakota Advocacy Services, a non-profit agency that represents persons with disabilities. It was his first job out of law school and one that helped him develop his writing and legal skills and provided several very interesting opportunities. As you may guess, being a non-profit agency does have its downfalls and it became evident to us over the past year and a half that this job was not meeting some of the basic financial needs that we had. With a new baby on the way, we knew that we needed to do something.

As you know, the economy has been tough and there are often hundreds of people applying for a single position. This was a very real road block for Dominic as well. We would pray about possible opportunities, asking that God would either open the door or close the door so that we knew we were headed in the right direction. We were constantly asking ourselves - What does God want here for us as a family? God please show us what we should be doing!!!

And then one day, out of the blue, Dominic got a call from a recruiter. This was a shock to both of us because something like this hasn’t ever happened before. He got Dominic’s name as a possible candidate for a position with an Estate Planning firm in Tyler MN.

We decided together that this was something that he should at least pursue to see where it might lead – even if it was a position out of state. Every morning when we would pray together as a family we would ask that God just be very clear with us….open doors and closed doors. We wanted whatever happened to be what God would want for us – so that we weren’t making choices irrationally etc.

This position in MN continued to progress and last Tuesday Dominic was offered the position with the firm and as a family we decided that this was something with which we would forge ahead.

This position will allow Dominic to learn an area and practice of law with which he is not today familiar, but he is excited about the opportunities it will present. It doesn’t come without cost though. Part of the difficulty in making this decision came with how we would handle our current living situation and the possibility of a move.

The boys have already started the school year. With a new baby coming and non-existent daycare availability for two young ones in the community to which we would be moving, and getting our house on the market and being able to sell it in this economy could all prove to be difficult. So we started talking about the option of a temporary separation during the week – so that Dominic can go and start his training and the rest of us have the support of family and friends very close by to help if we needed. This isn’t something either of us wants to do long term – but we felt we could do anything for 6-12 months until all of the “kinks” could be worked out.

This was the most difficult part of this decision. It isn’t the “most ideal” option. Living together as a family only on the weekends isn’t what we would want long term by any means. But for a time it is something that we know that we can do – with God’s help.

About 2 weeks ago I blogged briefly about this book I got called “Plan B”. From the moment I stared reading it I was convicted. God was speaking to me through those pages. Sometimes God doesn’t give us the “easy” path. When it is always easy we often stop relying on Him to help us through. When something isn’t “ideal” we tend…well at least I do…to spend more time looking to God for support.

So we talked a lot about this….about the fact that this is an opportunity for both of us to step out of our comfort zones and trust that God has been leading us here…and will be leading us through it too. Does that mean it will be easy? Probably not all of the time. But is it possible that we don’t see the full picture God has intended for us today? I am certain of it!!

And I believe that this will give us an opportunity to be intentional about our relationship too. I know that I take Dominic for granted. I don’t appreciate all the time we have together. I am pretty sure that this opportunity will help keep us focused on what is really important and hopefully eliminate some of that petty “picking” that we do on each other and our faults. Those things won’t be so important when our time together is more “precious”. My prayer is that this time will help me to see any and all time as precious so that I am less likely to take the time and Dominic for granted in the future!!

So there you have it…BIG changes for the Smith family coming down the road. On Friday he submitted his resignation with his employer and will need to stay there for the next 30 days. He will begin his new job on the 4th of October! He has secured a home to rent for the next 6 months and now we are trying to furnish his new space....if anyone has any old pots and pans etc. they aren't using and want to see go to good use let me know! :) I joked this morning that I feel like he is going off to college because we need 2 of everything! :)

We covet your prayers during this time of transition and change. We know that the enemy will continue to attack us and try to expose our fears and weaknesses. Please pray that our hearts would remain focused on God and the strength that He can provide to us. This is a new adventure that we are embarking on and we are excited and nervous about the ride – but confident that with God –all things are possible!


Tracy said...

wow! Amazing changes!

Kami said...

What a blessing that you are able to finally have this decision made! I know the road ahead won't necessarily be an easy one, but with God's hands guiding you you can walk forward in peace knowing that you are headed where you're supposed to be. My prayers are continually with you through this, friend!


Rev. Aaron Kilbourn said...

We're walking with you every step of the way. Praying for your lights to shine brightly for the glory of God. Please let us know if we can help with the "two of everything" transistion also. We can get some Ramen noodles to help re-live the whole college thing if necessary :-)

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