Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Random Stuff

I haven’t posted in awhile…and honestly it has been crazy around our house and I haven’t had much time to post so I thought I would quick share a few updates from the Smith household!

I am either 18 wks 3 days or 19 wks pregnant today. My 2 sonograms were conflicting on the dates but we will know more for sure in 2 weeks from today when we have our big ultrasound!! I love this season of pregnancy. Feeling babe kick and move – even if it is small – is so amazing to me.

We have been spending every weekend doing home improvement projects. So far we have done a little landscaping/trimming in the front of the house, power washed the entire house, power washed and prepared our garages for painting – which can’t happen until this rain goes away!, steam cleaned the carpet in the whole house, washed walls and touched up paint upstairs, cleaned and scratch repaired all the wood upstairs, repainted the front porch, ordered shutters for the front of the house and fixed a few rotted window sills. Wow….I am tired just remembering it all!

Isaac decided to join cross country this year and has started running 4 days out of the week. That along with baseball, bike riding and time at the pool has caused him to really slim down! He didn’t need it at all, and I noticed on Sunday that his shorts were practically falling off of him and so he weighed himself and has lost 8lbs since May! Fortunately he has a HEALTHY appetite and is eating all the time so I am not worried about it.

Gabriel has another loose tooth, but this time I am staying away from it!! Because of the large space where his 2 front teeth once were, he can no longer say words correctly that start with “F”. It is so adorable. He says “tooth thairy” instead of tooth fairy! He is taking swimming lessons for a couple of weeks and is concerned about the “big test” this Friday. We have tried to tell him that he can’t fail at this and regardless he is learning something he didn’t know before.

Elijah is still recovering from his croup. He still sounds a bit hoarse and just isn’t himself yet. I think he is also getting his 1 year molars so he is always irritable! He is into EVERYTHING these days. Mostly the toilet and the garbage can. He has this little bunny that he carries everywhere and it has been thrown away and sent for a swim more times than I can count! Fortunately we have 2 of those bunnies so he always has a spare while the other is being washed.

Well for now that is about it for us….hopefully there will be more time and more to share again very soon!! Have a wonderful week friends!


Tracy said...

Glad to hear that the croup is getting better!

As for my favorite baby carrier, right now, its the Beco. I love it! I didn't use it much when Isaac was a tiny baby, but I didn't have the infant insert. I recently got a different Beco (I was borrowing the one before and she had misplaced the insert) and this one has the insert built in. Isaac is still small enough, weight wise, to go in it. Its really nice because it boosts him up a bit.

Anyway, i disgress. :) It can be worn on your front or your back. Its easy to put on either way, and its better for their little spines than a baby bjorn or snugli. They are kind of pricey, though, so that is definitely a downside.

Kami said...

Sounds like you are a very busy mama! I love that you are enjoying this season of life so much!

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