Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Trying to get positive

I have had a rough day....honestly I am in a terribly negative mood and was all ready to post about how miserable I am feeling...but instead of inviting you all to sit on my pity pot with me I decided instead to post a couple of pictures that we took recently.  I am determined to have a better perspective on hopefully these positive pictures will be that start! :)

This is Gabriel without his 2 front teeth. He lost them both weeks ago but I never got around to showing how he looks.  I think it is adorable!

Elijah just cracked me up this morning. He is using a fork to eat more and more and his most favorite food is watermelon. He eats it like mad!! What will we do when fall comes?!

And this was taken of me this morning. I am half way through this pregnancy already! Gabriel came in as Dominic was taking the picture and said "Mom what happened to your tummy? It got all big!"  I reminded him that there was a baby in there and he said "Oh have another giant meatball again!"

When I was pregnant with Elijah Gabriel thought I looked like a giant meatball....I guess I am starting to get that way again! :) 

On another note a package arrived today that included a book I had forgotten I'd ordered. 
It is called "Plan B" by Pete Wilson.  I am on page 18...reading while photos downloaded... and I have already been in tears and know that this book arrived just today because I needed it most today.  The premise is "What do you do when God doesn't show up the way you thought He would?"

That is exactly my "problem" today. And the way I felt today I just feel done...beat. The first 18 pages have hit that nerve to the core and have started to challenge me already in how I want to respond....I guess I know what I will be doing for the rest of the evening!!  I will share more later as I get farther into the book!  Have a good evening!

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Sarah said...

I made sure to pray for you this morning after seeing your post yesterday. Not sure what all is going on, but I'm confident the Lord will meet you exactly where you are. I love your bump too! Will you find out what you are having soon??

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