Monday, April 2, 2012

My Idiosyncrasies, Jeff Daniels and more....

I was talking with a friend this morning about traveling and vacations and having a bunch of laundry to come home and do and I shared how I can't stand having dirty laundry in my suitcase.  It is one of those "weird" things that is only me and that caused me to think about some of the other things that are my unique idiosyncrasies.

Can you relate with any of these??

I NEVER sneeze only once. I blame my dad :) because he doesn't either. Is that hereditary? I am sure of it....I guess its something that always makes me think of him when it happens.

I always put my M&M's in a pattern before I eat them. Here, let me show you!!
If I have a pile of M&M's like this...

I start by eating the brown first - always the brown first. The brown will never be found in my "design"..sorry brown!!  Then I organize the M&M's into a pattern...usually a triangle.

Then I pull off full rows and eat those until the triangle is gone. 

Please tell me there is someone else out there that does this?? I am going to go with the idea that only really, really smart people do this!! ;)

Ahem....let's see....what else?

Oh - I always leave the socks for last when folding laundry. I can't stand folding socks...Dominic knows this and will help do those. He knows how to speak my love language!! <3

And my least favorite parenting "job"...if you can call it that is clipping fingernails and toenails. I am TERRIBLE about remembering to do this and especially with boys they need to stay short. Unfortunately for Dominic he often "gets" this job because it really is just too gross for me!

Ok complete topic change now!

Today was daddy daycare at the Smith home. Markel was off for the day visiting her daughter (and hopefully having a wonderful time) so Dominic had the 2 littles all on his own. I guess it was a pretty good day. He even sent me a text with a picture of Karlena sleeping on his chest. sigh.

And when I got home he has all these pictures of Jeff Daniels on the computer. You know, the guy from Dumb and Dumber. The one in the blue suit if you aren't familiar...

And he says that Karlena has the same haircut. I say no...but what do you think?! :)

She wasn't particularly pleased when I took this photo tonight. We just made he come inside and just like her brothers she LOVES the outdoors!

But really...I know her bangs need a trim...but she isn't sporting a Jeff Daniels haircut is she? I am in denial. See by this time all of our boys had haircuts. But I can't cut her hair because then she will look like a boy. How do we best get her through this weird hair stage though?

Moms of girls can you help?!?!

I made a homemade caramel cheesecake to bring to work today and for the first time it didn't crack after I baked it. It was so perfectly beautiful...I should have taken a photo. And you know why it didn't crack?

Because my husband is so smart - seriously I am jealous he heard this first - and told me to try wrapping a damp towel around the base of the spring form pan while baking...and it totally worked!! He say or heard it somewhere and remembered and told I tried it last night!

It was really good if I do say so myself. Could very well be a downfall to all this "shredding" we have been doing. Day 8 by the way. Should be day 12 or 13 but twice we went 2 days in between we aren't quite on track. But I am doing more than I was so I feel good about it!

Well I better end this long rant. I hope that you have a wonderful start to your week! Blessings friends!


Rachel Lundy said...

The M&Ms thing cracks me up! I used to do something similar. I would sort all of the M&Ms into piles, and then eat one color at a time. I always started with brown too!

I don't think Karlena has the same hair cut. She is much cuter, more feminine, and her hair looks perfect. :) It looks just like it is supposed to for a year old. It is similar to Adelaide's hair at that age.

I found hairbows to be helpful during the weird hair stage. It adds an extra girly touch that says, "I'm one year old, I'm cute, and I'm still growing my hair!"

I still find hairbows very helpful, actually. I never did cut bangs for Adelaide, so I use hairbows to keep her hair out of her eyes. I make them all myself using alligator clips and organza ribbon. The ribbon is lightweight, so it doesn't weigh down the hair clip. And the alligator clips are perfect for the fine baby/little girl hair. If you want to learn to make hairbows, I'd be happy to teach you when I get to MN!

BJ_Mama said...

1. Laudry and me don't get along...ever.
2. I totally separate my M&Ms and Skittles by color before eating. I don't do the triangle trick, but then again, I'm probably not as smart as you ;)
3. your daughter is TOO FLIPPIN' cute! Um, suggestion with hair. I started putting Sam's hair up a little before she turned one. I loved little barrettes too. only problem is, they have to get used to it. I started so early with Sam that she never had issues with things in her hair.
4. God Bless your hubby! Folding socks, clippin' nails, AND Baking advice! He's a KEEPER!

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