Saturday, April 14, 2012

Oh Boy, we are in trouble!

I was in the front sitting room talking to Gabriel for just a minute, maybe two...and then went into the kitchen and found this.

What happened to my sweet girl that just sat down nicely to play with toys?? Apparently she has figured out how to pull back a chair and climb up that and onto the table to play with the napkins.

We are in trouble!!
Of course after I took the picture I had to take her down and tell her no that she couldn't climb....she wasn't happy being told no! But first the table and then what??
Any tips for discouraging this kind of climbing??


Kami said...

What a cutie!! I love that she's climbing around :) I don't have any suggestions for you, as Ethan is not yet a climber.

But man is she cute! :)

Musiqal1 said...

That is too funny. She seems like she is growing up just fine. I love it. Thans for sharing the picture. LOL!

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't discourage the climbing as I feel that would curb her exploration stage.

When my boys were that age, I try to be watchful all the time and have very thick padded carpets around the house. It may seem impractical but it worked for me :}

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