Thursday, April 26, 2012

Happy Birthday Sweet Friend....

Most days it is still hard to believe that Karlena is gone. Today would have been her 37th birthday...and it is sad for me not to be able to celebrate it with her.

I think one of the hardest things for me still is that I miss so much that bond that we had. She knew me, all of me and loved me in spite of all of my faults. I still have one of her messages on my phone and I got to hear her voice again a few days ago when I was checking my messages.  Her voice always had a smile in it.  No matter what she was going through...she was positive.

I loved that about her!

As a side note - it seems as though I am pregnant in just about every photo I can find right now of us together! :)  She was SOOO excited when we found out we were having a girl, and that she would carry on her name. Oh how I wish our girl could know her in this lifetime. :(

I guess days like this are just a little harder than some. For me I wish things were different...I am certain that she is having a wonderful birthday in Heaven. But I would love to celebrate with her here too!

I have said it before that Karlena had such an amazing legacy...she taught me so much about loving God despite your circumstances, trusting in His plan for our lives...even if it is a hard road to walk.  I am so grateful that I have those memories of her to hold on to...and pass down to my kids.

The picture below is Karlena with Elijah. She loved him something fierce too. She was their Auntie Karlena!  I have a picture of her in our girls room...hopefully she will love her memory like I do and realize how special it is that she carries her name.

Karlena it is safe to say that you will never be forgotten. Today especially I celebrate you, your legacy and the gift of friendship that you gave to me for so many years. Happy Birthday Sweet Friend.....


Shannon said...

Praising God for the friendship you've shared and carry with you...asking Him to comfort you in the moments that things feel "less" without her by your side. I'm so thankful you walked with her and carried each other in life. Living you from my corner of the world a d sending a hug to wrap you on a day that carries such weight....

Anonymous said...

I bet you miss her something terrible. My parents just visited us a few weeks ago and brought a bazillion pictures I took from our freshman year in Solberg. Oh, my. I just got to thinking about everyone, especially Karlena. What a special person God sent us. I'm sad that I couldn't spend more time with her, but thankful for that one year I got to be her roommate.

Rachel Lundy said...

I am so sorry for your loss. How precious that your daughter carries on Karlena's name. You have been in my thoughts and prayers today.

Much love,

Amanda said...

I got all teary reading this... what a beautiful and special person she was!! Thank for you sharing it. :)

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