Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Week in Review

Has another week already passed? I meant to post before..during...and after Easter and it just didn't happen. We had a fun weekend with both families. Good meals, 2+ Easter egg hunts and Karlena's first bang trim by our good friend, and old stylist Angie!

Angie always said she wanted to do Karlena's first trim so it was fun to be able to visit Beresford again and catch up with her too!

Elijah really enjoyed looking for eggs this year. My sister had a great idea from a co-worker and had different colored baskets and matching colored eggs for each of the kids. That way we could tell Elijah to just look for the blue eggs and there wasn't fighting between kids!

When we were in Parker I think the kids hid and re-hid the eggs at least 2 times. It turned out to be beautiful weather all weekend!

We had Gabriel's school concert this week. Here in Marshall they just do 1 big concert at the end of the year, instead of one in the winter and the spring.  It was an AMAZING show!

It was just the 2nd grade classes - I think there are 7 of them and they did music and dances and then a musical. Gabriel had a line in the play..."Yeah, like Science" :)  He did a great job - they all did. So very impressed!

And we ended off our week with a PTA carnival at the school. It was packed, but the kids had fun and came home with some candy and prizes!

How was your week? Do you feel like me that the days are just flying by?? I have so much that I want to get done this weekend and I am afraid it can't/won't all happen! Enjoy your weekend friends!!

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