Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I got an e-mail from a good friend that asked why I hadn’t posted anything new on my blog recently. Truth is things have just been crazy it seems. Nothing special really just life passing me by, day at a time until another week is gone. It is scary sometimes how that happens. There are times in my day where it feels like my day will never end and then poof it is 3 days later! With work and meetings, basketball practices and piano, family get togethers, church and alone time – life seems to be getting away from me.

Beth also e-mailed me today and said how we needed to get together and just spend some time hanging out, enjoying these pregnancies that we both have been blessed with. She said she doesn’t want the next several months to pass us by and we realize what we have missed out on. And she is right. I don’t want to have the next several months pass me by and realize too late that I have missed the journey because I was so focused on the destination.

It causes me to pause and reflect a little on my priorities. I know that this is a constant struggle with us. Making sure that we are using our time wisely. Dominic said at dinner on Sunday that he was contemplating the idea of taking a break from TV for a while. WHAT?! He said he wondered what would happen if he spent time reading the Bible or a book instead of watching TV. Secretly I was thinking to myself that I hoped he wouldn’t want me to be a part of his plan.

Honestly I get a little sick feeling in my stomach when I think about missing some of my favorite shows, this is sad I know!! But if I really stop and think about it – what do most of those shows we watch offer me? Usually it is a half hour by half hour ticking away of my evening. Whether it is a sitcom or the Food network, usually the shows last a half hour and pretty soon it is 10pm and I am ready for bed.

That isn’t entirely true either. Better stated, I usually fall asleep on the couch around 9pm and Dominic wakes me up when the news starts and tells me to go to bed. Sad I know!!

And if I had to tell you what I watched a week ago and what I remember from it – I probably couldn’t do it. So even though I can’t stand the idea of giving up my TV crutch I can see why Dominic would consider it.

Now am I going to put this plan into action? I would like to confidently say “Yes I am” and then do it. Maybe we could replace our background TV time with some good music. Or dare I even suggest it – conversation with my family?! In reality I don’t know. I will have to let you know how that is going later.

For tonight I am having dinner with my parents before I go to my regular Tuesday night meeting. I usually don’t get home until 9:30pm so “No TV” tonight might just be feasible. Wednesday is a whole other story. It will be a challenge to myself if I can go through with it. And as I type that I am embarrassed by the fact that it has become such a crutch for me!

But God wants my priorities to be on Him. He desires that I spend time seeking Him and learning about Him. And although I can do this for Sunday School I don’t spend much time doing it because of my own self-motivation. We pray each morning that He would show us His will for our lives and give us the Power to carry it out. If I really desire that prayer for my life, I need to be open to what sacrifices that might mean for me.

Lots for me to think about and pray about. For now I can commit to at least this - earnestly seeking His path even if it means giving up my crutch for a while. Lean on something – better yet Someone instead.

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