Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Letter to our child

I commented yesterday that the days seem to be slipping away from me. I have been so excited about this pregnancy and don’t want to forget how I feel during this time so I decided to find some way to document some of the things I have been thinking and feeling so that in years to come I won’t forget or take for granted the true gift that we have been given right at this moment. I got this idea from another blog in which the mother put together a compilation of letters that she wrote to her son before he was born. It seemed like a precious way to celebrate the life that is growing inside of me.

Dear little miracle
Did you know that is what you are to us, a miracle? Not just because of the months and months that we tried to have you, but also because you hung on through my surgery in early September. We didn’t even know about you then and might not have had the surgery done if we had. But God did, and He had something special planned for us in you. When we saw you on that first ultrasound and heard your tiny heart beating, we almost couldn’t believe it was true! We celebrated initially with caution, worried that something might happen but you have continued growing and now at almost 12 weeks along, we are able to openly express our joy over your presence.
We got to see you in another ultrasound almost 2 weeks ago. You were active and kicking and it made us laugh seeing your little arms and legs moving around. Your heart rate was strong at 178bpm. We are so very excited to be given the opportunity to add another child into our family!
Isaac and Gabriel are excited to be big brothers. Gabriel said he hopes you are a girl. He said he won’t play dolls with you but he will play "tools" with you. He did say that he thinks he can be nice even if you aren’t a girl! Isaac has been praying for you in his Sunday School class. His teacher told me she knows how much he cares about you already! Can you see the impact you are having on our family?
Today I am grateful just to be allowed this experience once again. I know that God has a special plan just for you and I am excited to see what that is in the years to come! Welcome to our family little one. We love you!

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