Saturday, March 6, 2010

Finally He Sleeps!!!

I have been a little reluctant to share this piece of news because honestly I felt it might be too good to be true. But this morning I awoke in my own bed for the 3rd night in a row!! If you had read my previous post you would know that since Elijah was born - I have been spending a little too much time with him sleeping in our recliner.

I was so worried about how the transition into his crib would be for Elijah, he hated his crib and I was sure that we would spend many, many sleepless nights listening to him cry. So I shared that here with all of you, and asked for prayer....

God answered in a BIG way!

The first night was last Friday. Elijah cried from 12-1:30am - straight. I sat out in the recliner, sad for him...for me and prayed that God would calm him. Finally at 1:30 he gave up the fight and slept straight through to 6:30am! Praise the Lord!!

The next night wasn't as good -  he was up several times...but again I let him try and sooth himself back to sleep. He did it and although it was a long night and I slept for the most part out in the recliner again...I didn't go in his room and he was able to get himself back to sleep.

Fast forward a couple of days and he is sleeping like a champ.  He has been going into his crib after taking 1 last bottle around 10pm and will sleep the night through.  If he is waking up he isn't crying for long because I haven't heard him.  He often sleeps for a few hours out with us in the living room before his final eveing bottle...and maybe we will try to move him into his crib for even longer...but for now this works and I have a chance to snuggle with him for a few hours each night.

I was so encouraged by your comments and we really feel blessed that this transition went better than we expected it would. Thank you to everyone who prayed for us!


Sal B said...

This is wonderful news Kristin! I'm so happy for you!! Sleep is a wonderful thing :)

Thank you much for the blog award! I feel so honored :)

Alicia O. & the gang said...

I had to stop by and see how it was going after you commented...about my comment...=) I am so thankful to hear that you were able to stick it through a couple of nights and now have had some time in YOUR OWN BED! Congrats! Life with children...really is all about baby steps! A huge success I would say!

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