Thursday, March 18, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane!!

Today is an exciting day for Elijah and I....we are headed down to Omaha to fly out to Denver to visit Karlena!!  This isn't Elijah's first time on a plane - but last time he rode inside of me and not on my lap!  So this is an exciting and nervous experience for me.

Dominic and the 2 older boys are staying at home. The boys get to spend some time with their Grandpa and Grandma Johnson today and tomorrow because they are on spring break from school. So it is vacation time for most of us...Dominic gets to work the rest of the week :(

I have posted about Karlena before and I am so excited to be able to visit her again and let her see how much Elijah has changed since she was here in SD for Thanksgiving. He is a completly different boy these days now that he is so mobile and I am glad that she will get to spend some quality time with him!

Please pray for us that the drive down to Omaha goes well and the flight is ok.  I am a little nervous about the whole thing but I know that I can't control the outcome and that regardless how the experience is for us that God is with us. Also please pray for Karlena as she wasn't feeling great yesterday. I know this will be a time of relaxing and renewal for us both!  Have a great weekend!

1 comment:

Sal B said...

Have a wonderful time! Praying for safe travels!!

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