Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Since my dad started the Kids Against Hunger packaging site in Sioux Falls this last August the idea of what hunger looks like has been on my mind. I strongly believe that we – at least my family – have no idea what true hunger looks and feels like.

Yesterday I threw a portion of my lunch away that I didn’t want to finish. If I had to experience hunger on a daily basis like so many across the world do I am guessing that I wouldn’t be so quick to discard.

This morning I was headed to work and the thought crossed my mind that maybe I should try fasting for a time. I will be honest, I wasn’t sure that I could commit to a full day. I am still not sure….

And in full disclosure I did have my handful of vitamins this morning and also a small styrofoam cup of hot chocolate. So I am already more “privileged” than so many. But my typical routine consists of snacking on dry cereal when I get to work. I have a variety of snacks and treats at my desk. If I want to eat constantly all day long…I could.

It was so hard to not eat the cereal this morning. I won’t even try to say that I am starving…because I know that medically I am not. But how often do I use that “term”? Probably daily.

But as of now it is almost noon and I am hungry. My last “meal” was yesterday around 7pm.

I feel not quite myself.

I am sleepy and having a harder time concentrating on work than usual. Seriously when I can’t have something I want my mind obsesses over it. I can’t stop thinking about food.

I am cold. Maybe the air is running in the building more than usual. I don’t know, but I feel cold.

I am drinking water but not much of it – honestly it is making my stomach hurt.

I am a whiner aren’t I? I am not enjoying this at all. And I am struck by the idea that I can stop this “fast” any time I want. In fact I wasn’t able to fully commit this morning by leaving my lunch box in my car. So it sits on my desk – taunting me.

And then I remember that the people the KAH meals feed often don’t have a choice like I do. Maybe they only get one meal a day, maybe one a week, maybe they are searching through trash for someone else’s throw-aways.

They most likely are not surrounded by food at their desk and choose not to eat it. They often don’t have a choice – especially the children.

So the practical question here really is “What can I do”?

Be aware! I can’t close my eyes to what is going on around the world. It is so easy to sit in my little bubble of “comfortable” and believe that this stuff doesn’t happen. That children are dying of hunger EVERY DAY!!

Accept what my part is in helping others, especially children that can’t help themselves. Maybe it is helping at a KAH packaging site or working at a local mission, or helping to stock the shelves of a local food pantry. Pray about where God would have me be of maximum service to my fellow man.

Take action! Here is where the rubber meets the road! Once I am armed with the understanding of where God can use me – I need to be willing to go…go and do!

I would love to end this post with something better than I gave into my hunger – but it wouldn’t be honest. It is 12:45pm and I just ate 3 rolls of those “Smarties” candies. I am contemplating warming up my lunch….

Truth is I am feeling so grateful that I can choose when I am going to eat lunch, that I can buy treats and have them available and that God uses little opportunities like this morning to peel back the blinders I am wearing just a little bit. To show me a little part of me that still needs work. I am sure that He will continue to work on me if I am willing so today I am praying for willingness and opportunity!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Kristin: Love this post. I truly don't know true hunger either--I do know that a mom raising two sons, working 2 and 3 jobs, money was tight food was wasn't always in pouring out of our cupboards--made sure my kids got 2 meals a day but sometimes that was tough and often there were times "I wasn't hungry" so they could have more and yet I was so very fortunate, more so than many others, because I had that much. May God's grace be with all the hungry and may our food pantry's run over.

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