Tuesday, June 7, 2011

God IS Faithful

That statement is something that I really do believe.

God IS Faithful.

I found an old e-mail that I had sent out to some family and friends a few months ago sharing all the things that were changing and coming together in our family.

God IS Faithful.

I shared that there were several things that had to "work out", if you will so that a move back together as a family would be possible. And at the time several of those things DID come together.

God IS Faithful.

We are still working through the whole process and are set to close in less than 2 weeks! After almost 9 months we will finally be a full time family again!!!

God IS Faithful.

But there are bumps in the road. And everything isn't "perfect". And for a control freak such as myself I have been thrown in a bit of a tizzy over some of the details....but....

God IS Faithful.

Have you ever found yourself so uncertain about what the future holds in a  given area but yet at the same time so certain that it WILL all work out as God has planned?

God IS Faithful.

I can't share the details right now...it isn't the time or the place and to be honest I don't know all the details yet. So in this period of waiting I am trusting God with ALL of it. I HAVE to!!

God IS Faithful.

God doesn't promise me that it will always be easy, or perfect but He does promise that He will be a part of all of it if I let Him.

God IS Faithful.

So today I give it all....the certain, the uncertain and all of the in between.  I am pretty sure that whatever changes may be on my horizon it will be an opportunity for me to grow, and to trust God with the details.

God IS Faithful.

In a moment of weakness last night, when the babies were screaming and the olders seemed to be demanding of me and the weight of the day was too much and I lost my temper with everyone, the voice of my teenage son reminded me....

God IS Faithful.

"Mom God wouldn't bring us this far, make all of these things fall into place so quickly just to take it all away...."

God IS Faithful.

Words I have said to him over and over. In my stress over the details of everything I talk to Isaac about the fact that I know God is faithful. And in my moments of weakness when I can't remember my own words my son is that example of faith.

God IS Faithful.

I don't know where you are tonight, what struggles or uncertainties you face. I do know that I grow the most in my faith life when I cling to the promises He offers....

God IS Faithful.

It isn't perfect but it doesn't need to be....if it were I wouldn't need God and I am so grateful that I have a Father to cling to, to grow with and trust in. My life has always been better because of my struggles because in each one there is always 1 constant....

God IS Faithful.

Father God - You know what will happen in every moment of my life already. So why do I spend time in worry over it? Thank you for the peace of knowing that You have my life, every part of it in Your hand. I thank You for being faithful in my life....may I always be faithful to You.

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I love this.....

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