Thursday, June 30, 2011

Old photos and new spaces

I came across some old photos today and because my scanner isn't hooked up to our laptop right now I had to take a photo of them so I could share them...they are a little hard to see clearly - but I think they are great!

This was my mom holding me after I was first born!!

Dad I have to say you are rocking that mustache big time! :)

Ok this said 6 mo on the back of the photo. I think it is me but WOW do I look like a boy or what?! :)

Maybe it was the blue outfit....because I think I look a little more "girly" here.

And I am not sure who the crying baby is in this photo but what I loved was the very obvious irritated expression on my face!!

Besides looking at old photos I have been working really hard on Isaac's room.  I have 3 walls finished and 3 more to go. He has a big space to paint! But I wanted to give you a sneak peek at the colors...

I think as the maroon dries I like it more and more - but we bought that 1 coat paint and so far I have done 2-3 coats in places.

I might try and post some more old photos later....I found some doozies of me. I really was an awkward and kind of homely teenager. Let's hope that Karlena doesn't go through that phase!!!

Anyways - we are trying to stay cool here. How did you spend your day?!

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Mom said...

We didn't have the benefit of ultrasound technology to know if you would be a boy or a girl. I figured a girl could wear blue, but I shouldn't put a boy in pink :) Even when I dressed you in pink and ruffles people asked about my little 'boy'. But just a few years later and look at the head of hair! The other girl is Sarah Nelson, John and Bonnie's daughter. She and Mark were the same age, so you would have been about 4 in that photo.

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