Thursday, June 23, 2011

Random thoughts

This is the view from my office space window. I love the birch tree in our front yard.
This is such a wonderful neighborhood and I feel truly grateful that we are here.

One of our favorite things about this house is its beautiful woodwork.
I promise I will take more "revealing" photos later but we still haven't hung anything on the walls and until we do it doesn't feel completely like our space yet!

One of the best parts of our kitchen is this huge pantry. Overall this house has tons of storage space and I have been able to take things that had previously been in boxes or totes and store them in cabinets so that I can access them easier.

We are taking a big load of things over to the Goodwill today to donate.  Nice that we moved it across state lines and then decide to give it away! :)

This is the project I have been slowly working on all week.  This will be Gabriel and Elijah's room. It was a lavender color before...not quite what our boys were in to!

So I bought this "supposed to be 1 coat paint" that went on like thick glue. It was terribly difficult to work with and did not coat in 1 try. Hopefully we have enough paint left for the touch-ups!

The white paneling is either a plastic-like material or was painted with a high gloss paint that I couldn't just paint over. We had to buy this Zinsser primer stuff that adheres to any surface. I did my first coat of that yesterday and hope to get another on today so that we can get the final top coat on. It should look great when we are all finished!

I had HIGH hopes to get way more accomplished this week and it is Thursday and I am feeling a bit bummed that I haven't even started on Isaac's room yet - which is also a pretty light blue and green :)

As soon as we get a little more settled I will take some more pics and post them. We are grateful to be here and together again.  We ask for continued prayer about a few uncertainties we are still dealing with. Hopefully I will have more to share next week!

Oh and if anyone would like to do a favor for me - Gabriel REALLY wants some mail sent to him at our new address. He checks every day and is always sad when he doesn't get anything. If you are willing send me an e-mail at and I will get you our address. He will be thrilled if he got a card in the mail!!

Happy Thursday!!

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