Sunday, June 19, 2011

A "working" Father's Day

Alright - first I need to say that Dominic is a wonderful Father. It is so great that we can be a family again full time and he can see the kids during the week and not just on the weekends!! 
 It is so fitting that we put an offer on this house in Marshall on Mother's Day weekend and were able to move in on Father's Day weekend! 
It has been a crazy busy few days and we really didn't celebrate Father's Day the way we should have....but my husband is a trooper and spent the day doing things that I wanted instead of maybe doing something more fun like relaxing before the work week starts again!

So after a LONG day of unpacking I asked if he would set up the bed in the spare room....for all of our guests just waiting to stay over you know!!

But of course there were a few "issues" which required a trip to Menards and the use of this....

One great thing about Dominic is that he is great at coming up with solutions to problems...and this was no exception!!

What are they building you ask??

Any guesses where these will be going? (Dad you can't already know!!) :)

Have you figured it out yet??

You see I got this beautiful headboard and footboard at a used furniture place for $100!! But the bed rails didn't fit like they should and the boxspring wasn't supported correctly. So Dominic went and got some wood and designed these supports for the bed!!

Isn't he handy?! :) I am so proud!!

And after all of his hard work we "dressed" the bed and I am so happy with how it looks! (We got the comforter set at a garage sale for $25!! And I don't believe it was even opened - score!!)
Guests will be coming from miles around to stay in our extra room I am sure! :)

I hope that you enjoyed your Father's Day and had a chance to spend it with someone you love...even if it meant working on some projects you hadn't anticipated working on!
Blessings to all of the dads tonight!

1 comment:

Mom said...

Looks comfy! Can't wait to spend the night, especially when no one else has to give up a bed for me.

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