Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Mania

I have once again been a bad blogger. Between starting my new job (yay!!) last week and half our family having the stomach flu this weekend into today (boo!!)...I feel like we are just treading water to make it through!!

The job is still going good. I am learning new things every day and today I even answered the phone. YIKES! Is it crazy that my biggest fear about the job is having to possibly answer the phones?!  I am not a huge talk-on-the-phone lover, I won't call and order a pizza and I always feel like I sound like a goober. So getting used to a new name and way to answer and phone system has me a little nervous...but it will come!

I feel like I haven't shared a lot here good pictures, stories etc. I will try and get better about that. I love having the memories stored some where for my family and don't want to give that up.

But for now some random thoughts from our home....

Isaac got his braces off today and then got the stomach flu so I don't have a good picture of him yet to post. He looks awesome and SO much older! I did a before picture on Sunday night so when he is feeling better I will get the after shot and post it!

Gabriel sat down on Saturday (when Dominic and I were both sick) and read his whole Bible front to back. Granted it was a kids Bible...but none the less I am proud of him! He is such a good kid!

Elijah is at that stage where I wish I could record everything he says. He is so darn cute. The way he says "ohhh thanks mom" melts my heart. And is he learning how to go potty on his own more and more lately and is SOOO proud of himself when he does it. Now we just have to teach him how to get redressed so he doesn't come half naked out of the bathroom when we have company. (Yes this happened!)

Karlena is just such a sweet "miss". She probably thinks that is her name because Dominic and I call her that all the time! :)  She isn't a baby anymore and it makes me just a little bit sad. She likes to go up the stairs by herself and play alone in the toy room. She is just such a good little girl!

I sold my first item on Ebay this week and made $70!! WOOHOO. I am totally exited and am looking around for other things we can live without! ;)

We are making some very big decisions right now as a family. I can't share the details at this point...but I can say that God has been closing some doors and leaving open others. We are trying to seek out His will in our decisions and are praying that He blesses this new road. It is scary and unknown but Dominic continues to remind me/us that God is right there with us and this too will be for His glory!

Please pray for us as we walk this unchartered territory.

I guess that's all I have for now....we were supposed to be getting this HUGE storm starting tomorrow and I was honestly looking forward to a good ol' blizzard...but now it apparently has changed and we are only expected to get an inch or two. Normally I wouldn't be about the snow...but since we have had none this winter I was just a tiny bit excited about the possibility!

So now that I have shared some of my randomness...please share some of yours! :)

1 comment:

Kim said...

Your family seems like a wonderful family! You are a good Mommy! :)

I am the same way when it comes to answering phones, I get so nervous that I don't talk right and feel like a dork after I realize what I've just said. Ha!
Glad you are liking your new job!
We will keep you in our prayers!

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