Saturday, February 4, 2012

Easy Breakfast Idea

On most mornings the kids have a variety of things to choose from for breakfast - pop tarts, cereal, toast, muffins or frozen waffles.  It is what is fast and easy on our already rushed school mornings.

But on the weekends we like to have either pancakes or yummy breakfast burritos.  The "recipe" that I use is really simple and feeds our large family well.

First I will cut up some Kielbasa sausage into a large fry pan.

Then I will put a brown on the sausage a bit before I add the eggs.

Then just to keep things simple I crack my eggs right into the pan.  Our family can eat up to 15 eggs in a sitting. I know it is a lot, but eggs are fairly affordable and with 6 people in the home we eat a lot!!

My dad taught us the trick to add just a little bit of water to the mix and it helps make the eggs fluffy.

Scramble up the eggs as best you can in the pan and cook on medium heat. I use a rubber spatula and just stir constantly.

The sausage just cooks into the eggs and as you stir the mixtures gets cooked through and fluffy. All in one pan - I love how easy that is!!

I will just eat my egg/sausage mix plain with some toast, but the boys all make burritos out of it.

Put the eggs on the tortilla shell of your choice, add shredded cheese...

And you have one happy customer!!

What are some easy breakfast ideas that your family likes? Please share them here because I am always looking for new things to try!!

1 comment:

Jess :) said...

I totally would've come for breakfast!!! :) Looks super yummy! I usually just make a ham, egg white, and cheese breakfast long as I haven't had to spend an extra 20-30 min. trying on half of my closet and still not liking my options! Ha!! :)

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