Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pink Swap!!

I LOVE the ideas of swaps. I participated in an ornament swap the past few years and in early January I heard about a "Pink Swap" happening over at Monograms and Manicures.  The idea was that you would be paired with another blogger and had a price limit and would purchase items that were pink to send to your partner!

Not only is it fun to shop for someone else, but it comes with the anticipation that you will be getting something fun yourself. And even better it gives bloggers the chance to connect with other bloggers that they might not otherwise "meet".

I was paired with Valerie over at This Cosmic Life of Mine. Of course I had to check out her blog for some ideas about what she might like - and she actually did the same thing for me! We discovered through tweets that our packages arrived on the same day too!

I was overwhelmed with what I received and am pretty sure she spent over the budget amount! :)  Here are The amazing and thoughtful things that I got!!

First of all Valerie sent everything in this pink and white basket. I have always wanted one of these because they are collapsible - so I was thrilled to finally get one!

Every morning I have a big cup of hot chocolate and I can't wait to have it in this beautiful mug.  The detailing on the mug is so pretty.

We both sent each other pink journals! And this one is fun with the words "Be Happy" on the front!

And what does a working mother of four need most? Nice treats for a spa day at home!! I got everything I might need to treat myself to a spa at home! Relaxation time here I come!!

I was so blessed by your gifts Valerie - thank you so much!!

Have you ever participated in a swap with other bloggers?? Know of any good annual swaps out there that I might need to know about?! :)  Please share if you do!


Kate said...

I love everything she sent - so thoughtful!

I love a kind hearted person!

Have a beautiful day!

BJ_Mama said...

HOW FUN!!!! If you participate in another swap...I'd LOVE to participate :)

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