Wednesday, June 20, 2012

10 Things I Learned From the 30 Day Shred

This has been a part of my life for the past 30 days.


Well even longer than 30 days actually because we started doing the video sporadically in March and then I took about a 2 week vacation from Jillian. Just couldn't handle her for awhile...but then decided to try and really stick with it and see what would happen.  This is what I have learned from the 30 Day Shred.

1) I truly despise exercise. I am serious, I really do. I am not one of those people that wakes up excited for a morning work out and so energized when I am done. Nope it is a chore every time I do it. And honestly if I could "think" my way to lean and firm - I would do it in a heartbeat!! 

2) Working out in the mornings is usually better for me.  When I started this Dominic and were working out together at night. But we couldn't eat dinner with the kids if we did and I was usually too sick after we were done to eat later.  Messes with my whole evening.  It was better for me to set my alarm a little early and do it before I shower.(Sans today in which I decided to write this post instead...which just means that tonight will be one of "those" nights.) Boo.

3) I don't remember jumping jacks being this difficult!  Jillian may say that she has 400lb people that can do jumping jacks so there isn't a need for a modified version of them....but when you haven't done them in 30 years you can't believe how difficult they can be!

4) Natalie and Anita are the real rockstars of the video!!  If you have done the video you know what I mean.  Not only do they do ALL of the moves the entire time (which by the way was difficult for me many days...) but they tolerate listening to Jillian in person without screaming at her. (Trust will understand if you do it!) Which leads me to my next point....

5) Top despised Jillian phrases: "Isn't it buddy", "Don't phone this in" (said 3 times in Level 1) "I think I'll join you" (Oh NOW you decide to join us huh Jillian....when we are dying and want to quit?!) By the end of 30 days both Dominic and I were repeating most of what she really get to know a person when you work out with them!

6) Get yourself an accountability partner!!  My friend Erin started doing the video around the same time I did. So we would text each other most days and share how it had gone (usually poorly) and talk about how we both hated and loved Jillian at the same time. (depended on the day and the Level) It helped me stick with it though because I would have to admit to someone else if I "cheated" and skipped a day. (Which in my 30 days I did it took me 32 days to get through it)

7) You will both love and hate this workout.  On day 1 I couldn't believe how very out of shape I really was. Every move was difficult and I couldn't finish a single set all the way through. By day 8 I felt pretty good. I was keeping up with the circuits (maybe not as tough as Natalie did....but I was doing it) Then I hit day 18 and a BIG wall. I was tired and wanted to quit. Level 2 really did me in....and then I went on to Level 3 and all the "jump training". I don't think I ever felt good about Level 3!! (Oh how I longed for the Day 8 feelings all over again! :)

8) I am going to have to learn to embrace my "mama pouch" because it isn't going away! Although Jillian said on day 21 that we should start seeing that 6-pack abs...I did not. I wasn't following her diet plan and admittedly had a cupcake for breakfast a time or two....but the one area I was hoping to see massive improvement is still very much a part of my body.  I don't love the ab exercises it looks like I am going to have to learn to live with the after effects of 4 pregnancies! :)

9) I am stronger today.  That's the good news about this process. I do believe that I am stronger. I have more endurance. I did notice a difference in my legs and my arms. It IS working. And I feel good that I am doing something to increase my overall health.

10) This will forever ruin your ability to have guilt-free eating. It has become the joke in our home that when one of us eats something unhealthy we will say "What would Jillian say about that..." Well after a weekend back visiting family and a LOT of eating that included really yummy cookie cake (3 pieces for me)...we came home and Isaac had put this on the next Jillian video that we have started.

 Isn't he a kind and considerate son?! :)

So there you have it. We started "Ripped in 30" a few days ago. I will be on Day 4 when I do it tonight....unless I skip. ;)  So what is your favorite exercise video/workout? How do you stay motivated to keep going and what are some of your successes? I'd love to hear them!!


Tiffany said...

I've never done a Jillian video, but I used to have a few by Denise Austin. She's a nut. I still hear her voice in my head every time I exercise!!
"If you rest, you'll rust!"
" . . . so when you wave good-bye, nothing jiggles!"
"You're worth it! You are!"

Love the sticky note on the video, too! Keep at it -- I'm impressed!! :)

Beth Meyer said...

Glad you posted about this because I was going to text you last night and see what you thought of it. I just started it yesterday after my dr. gave me the ok to start working out again. I don't love it either, but I figure I have no excuse since I'm home on maternity leave! Good for you to get through the full 30 days, I can't say I will do the same :)

Kim said...

Kristin, your post caught my eye so I had to comment. :) I just finished up my first round of P90X, and I was in the same boat as you. I didn't feel like working out at the beginning, but I can say this, P90X has CHANGED my life style! What had helped me out so much in being motivated to "Bring it" each night for 90 days, was the million people at!! There are Soo many people on there that are going through the same things as u, and I have found a time of inspirational people on there. Go check it out when u have the chance. I've lost a total of 4lbs, and 8 inches off body since I've started. I'm on round 2 now and looking for better results. I know its hard thinking u won't ever lose the baby belly, but just stick with it, you'll get that pre body back in no time!! Go check out my story/pics on my blog if you need some inspiration. Let me k.ow if I can help u in anyway. I love helping others achieve there goal!! Oh and btw, I have picked up a LOT of sayings from Tony Hortin off P90X, quite funny! :) Being it!! Hehe

Tracy said...

After a few years of running and sit ups, and now reaching my lowest weight as an adult, I've come to the conclusion that I will never again have a flat stomach. Its hard to get something flat when the muscles seperated with baby #3. Its just not happening.

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