Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend with Family

We had a weekend packed full of visits and family fun.  On Friday afternoon my aunt Karin and cousins Rachel and Andrew brought my grandparents through Marshall so they could stop and see Dominic's new office space!!  We were excited for them to see it and they really liked how everything came together.

They were all on their way to Sioux Falls so that we could celebrate my new nephew Gavin's baptism on Saturday.  We headed into SF on Saturday morning and met everyone for lunch. It was extra special because my brother Mark and wife Mindi also came home for a visit as well!!  And they are expecting a little one in their family also so our extended family just keeps growing!!

I can't even begin to tell you how exciting it is to see my siblings and their wives/husbands having families.  I am just thrilled for Mark and Mindi and would ask that you help me pray for them and their little one growing, that the remainder of the pregnancy would go well and that there wouldn't be any complications with the pregnancy, labor etc.  She is due in December so we will have a baby to celebrate at Christmas!!
Gavin's baptism was in the evening on Saturday.

Isn't Isabel adorable?! She is such a proud big sister!!

Gavin started stretching because he didn't like the water.

Then Beth and Jeff had us all over to their house for a huge dinner and fun in the backyard.  But before we ate we had to get a picture of grandpa and grandma with all of their great-grandkids!   It was really tough to get everyone looking the same direction AND smiling at the same time. This is the best shot I was able to get so I am hoping that someone else got a better one and will send it to me! :)
After dinner the kids went out to play in the backyard and in Isabel's little pool. Karlena (and Elijah) thought it would be fun to put rocks in her pool. (Yes we are always THAT family) ;)

 Karlena in her first bathing suit! I loved this one I found with the ruffles on it!!

Who needs a pool when you have rocks right?!

And of course she spent most of her time climbing the wrong way up the slide!

Oh and another quick Karlena story....she was wandering around Beth's house and found her way into the office area where the dogs have their self-watering bowl and proceeded to splash, empty at least a full gallon of water onto their carpet.  Thank you Karlena!! Such a proud mama moment!!

Sunday morning we had breakfast with my parents and Mark and Mindi and when we were done this is where we found Karlena....are you even the least bit surprised? I guess grandma's dining room table works well for her too!

Then we drove out to Parker to spend the day with Dominic's parents.  His brother Ben was there too and it was also his birthday, so we were able to celebrate a little with him as well!  Dominic's dad is building a new deck/porch area on the back of the house and it looks great. I meant to get out my camera and take a picture...but didn't. I will try and share it when it is should be a nice addition to their home!

We also got to dig up and take home some Columbine plants from Becky's garden and bring them home for our own! We got home pretty late in the evening...but took the time to find a place for them right away. First the daylilies my boss game me and now these....I am starting to get the itch to make my whole garden area pretty!

Wow...what a weekend! I am just a little tired just writing it all out! :)  It really was so nice to see so much of our family at one time though.  We don't get back as often as we'd like and the kids just really enjoy time with their grandparents and aunts, uncles cousins...etc.

How did you spend your weekend?

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Valerie said...

You've been nominated for a Liebster!

Hope all is well with you & your family and you're enjoying your summer!

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