Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Working Father's Day...again

I don't know if you remember this post I wrote last year...where Dominic spent the day doing a project for me...something that was my priority...on Father's Day.  Just one of the many reasons I am extra grateful for the husband and father he is today.

Well unfortunately for him this weekend was no different. We spent yesterday and today doing several different projects - in fact I am writing this while he is finishing something up quick so that we can run to Menards and get a few more things for another project. (It never ends!)

So among the things we did this weekend....

He and Isaac installed 2 new lights on the outside of the house.  We bought one for our old house and it sold before we got it on so it came with us here. Lowes still carried the light so we got another and replaced the two on our front porch.

Then he fixed the pillars on our porch. They were put together pretty poorly and had started to wiggle loose. They aren't load bearing but he shimed them up, tightened everything and then this afternoon we repainted all of them.  They are nice and sturdy now!

While I was painting we touched up the trim work around the front door as well.

I have wanted some hanging plants for the front of our house so when we were at Runnings buying some bug killer for our invasion of box elder bugs(and I am serious when I say MILLIONS of them in our backyard).....we went to the greenhouse area and all their plants were an extra 33% off so we got some hanging baskets and he got them up for me!

And it was a big weekend for Karlena too because we decided to move her from her crib to a "big-girl" bed!  We have had this captains bed since Gabriel was little and it is Karlena's turn to use it.  She is a little unsure about it right now....but she did take 2 naps in it this afternoon with no issues. We shall see how tonight goes!

And if that weren't enough he got to change an extra stinky, poopy diaper today too.  I think he said it was a full blown poop emergency!!

As you can see Karlena didn't seem to mind! :)

We are so lucky to have a wonderful father in Dominic. He is a dad that is involved, he takes the kids to the library to get books and reads them in funny voices, he is teaching Gabriel how to say the ACTS prayer and the Lord's Prayer. He stayed home from work when Elijah was sick this week....the list goes on and on. Today not only am I thankful for my dad, and my father-in-law...but I am ever grateful for my husband.

Maybe next year we should give him a day off of projects....what do you think?!

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