Saturday, June 30, 2012

Miracles DO Happen.....

Sometimes I forget....sometimes I get caught up in the frustrations of this life that I forget about the miracles that have happened in our life. And while there are many times that life hasn't been easy and I find myself crying out, asking "why us?", I can say with certainty that God is in control and sometimes His plans are even better than my own.

Who knew?

We had dinner with some new friends from church a few weeks ago and shared this story, and then I had cause to remember this story again today that I wanted to share it here again. It is just such a great reminder of just how good our God is.

Dominic and I had a tough time getting pregnant with both Gabriel and Elijah. There are 7 years between Isaac and Gabriel and 5 years between Gabriel and Elijah. That wasn't necessarily by choice.  In both situations we had seen my doctor who had said we had little chance of getting pregnant on our own naturally. We had several "issues" and weren't in a place to go to the next level, medically speaking, to try and get pregnant. 

In January of 2008 I finally got pregnant and we were so excited but we lost that pregnancy in mid-February.  I was really affected by this and went through some dark times where I questioned my faith and God's goodness. BUT I had a wonderful mentor/friend that listened to me and encouraged me to continue trusting in God.

In August I went in to have a procedure done to remove some endometriosis that I had and clear out my tubes. We hoped that this fairly noninvasive procedure would increase my chances of getting pregnant.  On the day of the procedure they had me take a pregnancy test and it was we were able to move forward.
In early September my sister called me to tell me that she and her husband were pregnant with their first....and I was honestly thrilled for her. God had healed the hurt I had been feeling, the envy of every other pregnant woman out there....and I felt genuine happiness at their good news. God was good - even if my circumstances weren't exactly how I wanted them.
A few weeks later I was in Denver visiting Karlena and had terrible heartburn. (Which I have only ever had while pregnant) I took a pregnancy test and it was positive. I was sure I was only a week or more pregnant and was nervous about losing this one as well.

We went in for an initial ultrasound and I remember the tech saying "There's your baby....and you are 6 weeks along".  But this wasn't correct because I had had my surgery before that time....I couldn't be 6 weeks along because they tested for it on the day of the surgery and it was negative.

My doctor talked with us and said that the fertilized egg must have implanted the day of the surgery! That is how it was not flushed out and also how we got the negative test at the time. You see the miracle friends? I had plans for how I was going to "control" my ability to get pregnant....and yet it had already happened...before the surgery...AND survived a surgery as well.
Our miracle Elijah is 3 now and as spirited as ever.
And what I love about this story is that God loves us...loved me use an extraordinary situation to show us that He is in control.  That His timing is perfect. I wrote about the blessings we saw from that here.

During this time...with Dominic's situation...I MUST remember this story and how much He loved me, loved us....and that it is still true today!

My friend Kami commented on a prior post something that I thought was so profound....I wanted to share it here.

"The thing you must remember is that the Great Physician is holding Dominic in His hands and He is the one bringing healing - so you aren't confined to the timelines that the doctors are giving you. Only God knows how long it will take ... and I think it will take as long as He needs to bring your relationships with Him to a new level."
Isn't that great?! So we continue to seek out how God can get the that we can continue to share here stories of the miracles He is doing....and if that bring even one person closer in a relationship with has been worth it!
So where have you seen miracles, big or small, that God can get the glory? Please share here because I would love to celebrate them along with you!!

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