Monday, June 25, 2012

24+ Hours and Counting

Well it has been over 24 hours since Dominic's accident. It was a LONG day and a bit intimidating too.  I realized when I looked back at my post from the other day that I didn't say specifically what happened.

So he was up on an extension ladder trying to hang these old bikes on nails he put in the wall of our garage. We have a very tall ceiling in our garage so he was up over 15 feet.  Isaac handed him up the bike and when he reached over to hang it on the nail the ladder basically started shifting out from under him.

He pushed on the bike on the wall (you can actually see the tire tread on the wall!) and tried to grab onto the nail to stop himself. He said his right leg was stuck on the ladder and his left leg came out in front of him and when he fell he landed full force on his left foot. Thus the severity of the injury to his heel.

He is still in a lot of pain. He rated his pain at a 6 when he was fully medicated. It stinks. He can take a pain pill every 3 hours so I have been setting an alarm on my phone so that every 3 hours, day and night, we get him the meds he needs so the pain doesn't get out of control and we can't get it back under control.

He is doing ok with the crutches, but he stumbled a little with them yesterday afternoon and hit his foot so it was really hurting again.

One of our neighbors contacted me and they had an ice pack pump from the husbands knee replacement surgery and they brought it down last night for Dominic to use. It is sooo much nicer to have than trying to freeze and re-freeze these ice packs and it stays cold for a really long time. It has been a big blessing to have!! Thanks Steve and Julia!!

Dominic is already getting a little stir crazy. He isn't one to just sit and do nothing. Not for extended periods of time so this is really going to be a challenge for him. And right now the meds don't allow him to be fully clear-headed either so getting work done, at least right now, is difficult.

We did have some friends from church stop over to see him and offer their support and encouragement and that was so nice too. Thanks Steve and Ramzy!! This is going to be a LONG road to recovery and so please continue to pray for him...and for us....that we can be supportive and not get overwhelmed with frustration about the whys and the what nexts.

I Googled "recovery after heel surgery" and didn't find a lot of positive info. I got a little panicky when I read I should probably just stay away from any more internet info. We will be calling the surgeon this morning to get an appt scheduled for hopefully Tues or Wed....I will share that info when we have it.

I know this post is rambling a bit and I don't want to sound like I am on a pity pot.  I think we are both so bummed that this happened...but again so grateful that it wasn't worse. All we can do right now is take it one day at a time. We made it through the first 24 hours and today we will make it through the 2nd.  I don't know that I can say some day we will look back on this and laugh....but I do believe that we are already seeing glimpses of God's goodness through people in our lives and that is a blessing.

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement...we do appreciate them so much! Until I have more....

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Kami said...

Kristin I am so sorry to hear about Dominic's accident. That definitely can't be an easy thing to go through. I understand having a husband who doesn't sit still for very long ... perhaps a book of crossword puzzles/sudoku puzzles will keep him entertained? Or else bring him down a few years and get him set up with video games (I think, deep down, every guy loves video games .. they just don't admit it!). Now is a really great time to just be still before God and allow Him to fill yours and Dominic's hearts to overflowing.

Word of advice: don't google. Just don't do it. As the former manager of a physical therapy clinic, I can tell you that you are going to find most of the horror stories before you're going to find anything that will give you hope. The thing you must remember is that the Great Physician is holding Dominic in His hands and He is the one bringing healing - so you aren't confined to the timelines that the doctors are giving you. Only God knows how long it will take ... and I think it will take as long as He needs to bring your relationships with Him to a new level.

I love you to pieces and am praying for you always!!

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