Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Community in Action

Well we made it to Tuesday....not much has changed really. When we were at the ER they told us that we should call Monday to the orthopedic surgeon, they would know who we were and they would get us in Tuesday or Wednesday.  Of course when I called they had no idea who we were and although happy to see us...couldn't until Friday.  So we wait.

My mom is coming back so that we can use her car to get him to SF early on Friday morning. He will have to sit in the back and we will do our best to prop up his foot so he can be comfortable for the hour and 45 minute drive.  They are doing a CAT scan (I think) first and then we will meet with the surgeon and find out what the next course of action will be.

He spends his days foot as elevated as possible, iced 24/7 in hopes that the swelling will have come down by Friday when they take off the splint for the first time.  He is still in a lot of pain, he has increased his pain meds a bit as per doctors orders but it makes him pretty sleepy. Continued prayers are still much appreciated.

We have been flooded with so much support it is almost overwhelming.  We have seen real community in action and I am so blessed by it that I had to share some of it here....you all have been God with skin on to us. A.MAZING!

From the e-mails, phone calls, comments on Facebook and the blog and texts messages...you have showed us that you are walking with us in this situation and lifting us up.

Family that drops what they have to come and be with us, help with the kids...make us meals. Family that call and e-mail and remind us that this too will be ok...

From neighbors that stop by for a visit, say that we can call on them for ANYTHING, or share their ice pack pump so he can be iced all day/night long....we are reminded after just a year here that we have a wonderful neighborhood to be a part of.

Friends have come by with a hug and with a meal...and even with a mini keg of 1919 Rootbeer - a huge favorite of Dominic's!! These are people that we haven't known very long...but people that are ministering to us in so many ways.

From a supportive work environment and co-workers...who again ask how he is holding up and offer encouragement and support if we need.

I have been so afraid of real community here....of diving in and getting real with people. And yet God has showed up through all of you and reminded me that I have nothing to be afraid of....and that when and where we least expect it He is there for us...through you.

Thank you for listening to His leading, for giving when we can't give back right now...for loving us in so many different ways. We are so very blessed and while this remains a difficult journey - we don't walk it alone and we know that in this too God will get the glory.

I want to end with this....I was out running some errands after dinner and listening to a little VBS - SKY Everything is Possible with God CD.  Our VBS isn't until late July but I am already excited for all of the kids that are going....and I'll be honest there is something pretty jazzy about the music! :)

I heard the song "No Matter How I Feel" and I felt it represented how I have been feeling lately...and reminded me what really matters. The video isn't anything special....but it has the lyrics for you to see. Watch it...see if you have ever been able to relate and remember that no matter how we feel...we need to trust in God.

Tonight I am thanking God for ALL of you.

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Anonymous said...

Kristin & Dominic: Thinking of you and praying for Dominic's swelling and pain to subside. Hang in there. You guys are strong in your love and faith...

Sandy Stocklin Hook

The Smith Family Journey

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