Friday, July 27, 2012

Another Post with Updates....

Does it seem that all of my posts lately are called "updates"?? I mentioned in my last post that we had a big week coming this week and it was....and in between we had a few unexpected things come up that were scary for our extended blogging has once again taken a back seat!

Where to begin?? Dominic had a 2 week follow up with the surgeon yesterday. Stitches were removed and the foot looks better than it has since this happened. What do you think??

I know it looks a little gross...but trust me the swelling is down quite a bit and the surgeon believes that it should continue to go down and he will be able to wear his old shoes again someday! YAY!  He can't put any weight on it for 6 more weeks but they will be starting some therapy on it in 4 weeks so hopefully he will be able to build up the leg muscles again. It is amazing how much your muscle deteriorates with non use!

Sky VBS was a success and on the last day we had 114 kids attending!!  The decorations were amazing and the kids had fun going to each group session, singing and praising God together...such fun to be a small part of it.

Isaac had his wisdom teeth out this morning. We went to SF to the office where Beth works to get it done - fantastic place by the way. He was a little nervous I think to get it done and I am praying that he has little pain and swelling. And no dry sockets!! Pray for that please!! ** Update since the start of this update....pain is pretty bad and he is having a tough time accepting the pain prayers that all works out is appreciated!!**

As some of you know my little nephew Gavin was in the hospital last weekend. It was a scary time for everyone especially initially when they brought him in. He was having difficulty breathing and after an x-ray it was discovered that his stomach was up in his left lung space and had collapsed his lung...thus the difficulty breathing.
Turns out that Gavin was born with something called Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia.  He had a very small hole in his diaphragm that was blocked by his spleen for the first months of his life...but something happened and his spleen moved out of the way slightly and when that happened his stomach popped up through that small hole into his lung cavity. 
He had emergency surgery to pull the stomach back into the correct place and stitch up the hole.   Such a scary time for Beth and Jeff and all of us. But he has recovered from the surgery with flying colors....Praise the Lord!!

Beth took this picture and look at him now...he has his smiles back...such a sweetie!

They did learn that he also has something called malrotation of his intestines....which as I understand means that his intestines are not sitting in his abdomen like they do for most of us. (This is typically found with CDH patients but something we had all never heard of before).  There are some complications that can develop as a way to "prevent" them but no guarantee if it will or won't it is one of those things that they are trying to understand more and determining what/if there is anything that can be done proactively to prevent these complications.

Big stuff....but we are all so thankful that he was so healthy before the incident and is recovering so well now. Please pray for Beth and Jeff as they ask more questions and do more research to determine what is the very best thing for their family. And pray for Beth because as a mommy...with a little "worry" in her jeans like the rest of us Johnson girls :) is hard even leaving his side for a moment after something like this!!

And speaking of babies my brother Mark and his wife Mindi are expecting their first baby and I am SOOOO excited for them!! They are due in early December. Please pray that the pregnancy would continue easy and comfortably for Mindi and healthy for both her and babe. So fun to see the extended family growing!

They found out earlier this week what they are having....which I know (but I am not sure they have shared it with all the extended fam yet so mums the word here) :) But needless to say I have already found a few fun items on clearance for the little one for next summer. This is the best time to get next year's summer clothes when they are discounted cheap. And I had a coupon too so I was able to get way more bang for my buck!

Did I say I love new babies?!?!  Makes me just a little sad that our youngest little miss is already closer to 2 than 1. How is that possible?!?! Sigh....

Do I have anyone still with me...sorry this has gotten long again! :) I am looking forward to a relaxing (yeah right in my dreams with 4 kids!) weekend at home. Taking care of patient Isaac, maybe scrubbing my kitchen/dining room floor because my feet are sticking to it (yuck) and praying we get a little rain! What are your weekend plans?!

1 comment:

Kami said...

I totally miss you! Can't wait to see your beautiful self in October :)

I, too, don't handle pain meds very well, so getting my wisdom teeth pulled was tough. Does Isaac do okay with ibuprofen? That was my pain med when I had my teeth pulled - I took 600 mg every four (?) hours. Just a suggestion!

What a blessing that Dominic's foot is healing like it should!! Is he totally losing his mind having to keep the weight off of it?

Thanks for sharing the update about your nephew. I have for sure been praying for him a LOT.

By the way, you have WAY more siblings than I realized. Maybe we need to talk more and get to know each other better :)

Hugs, friend!

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