Saturday, July 7, 2012

Surgery is a go!

We had another appointment with Dominic's surgeon on Friday and the surgery for Wednesday is a go!  It seems strange that we would be excited about surgery - but we both know that this will be the first step in his he doesn't want to wait much longer.

We were worried that the swelling wasn't coming down fast enough and were worried he would delay the surgery again...but he seemed very pleased with what he saw and said he has no problem going forward.  We both really feel comfortable with this surgeon and are thankful that he is willing to spend the time we needed to answer any questions we had.

The plan is to go in on the outside of his left foot and make an L-shaped incision along the lower part of his foot.  They will move the nerve and tendon over, take out the broken portions of the heel bone to fit them back together and then place a Zimmer plate on the top of the bone that will screw all the pieces in the proper place.

I tried to find a picture of the hardware they will be using...this is the best I could find. Not sure it is specifically made by the Zimmer Co - but it is close to what they will be using.

Apparently it holds everything together while the bone grows back together. It will be a "part" of Dominic for the rest of his life.  All really interesting stuff....but a little scary too.

We thank you for all your prayers up to this point...but I have a few more for you.

**Prayers that the surgery will go as planned (with the plating) and that a fusion will NOT be necessary.  For many reasons we just don't want that....although we trust the surgeon and understand if that is his only option - that is what will happen.

**Prayers for any fear both of us might be feeling up until the surgery time.  When they prep you for surgery you have to sign this big waiver...saying you understand all the risks. It is a full page, and the "worst case scenario" list is intimidating. But we are trying to remember where our faith is...and trust that God will guide this procedure.

**Prayers for understanding. Dominic is trying to see where the "purpose" in this whole thing may be.  From an earthly perspective it is lost wages and time away from his newly growing business, strain on the normal family routine, reliance on others for many things, a surgery and the possibility that he will never fully recover his mobility he once had....He continues to seek out what God might want him...and us to learn from all of that some good could come out of it.

Thank you again for your support and encouragement. I will update on Wednesday as I can and have access to WiFi.

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Rachel Lundy said...

Thanks for the update. I'll be praying that the surgery and recovery goes as smoothly as possible.

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