Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Updates and More

Recovery is a tough road. We are finding out that there are good days and bad days.  Friday was a bad day and so was Monday...but today Dominic felt much better.  We had a pretty low key weekend. No one did much.  The kids spent some time in the pool outside, we watched several videos and took a couple of naps! :)

Dominic has been getting around on his knee walker pretty well. It helps him keep his foot elevated and it has proven to be a fun little scooter for the kids too! :) Karlena especially enjoys getting "rides" around the kitchen/dinning room.

We have lots coming up in our family soon and it can feel a bit overwhelming. I am trying to remember to take each day one at a time though and not stress about all the things that I can't control.  

Here is just a look into next week alone....

It is VBS all week in the evenings from 6-8:30pm.  I am helping this year with registration and am excited about it. The music is fun and Gabriel is super excited so it should be a good experience. Maybe just what my soul needs!!

We have to take Elijah to see a doctor so he can get the "ok" to attend preschool this fall.  He hasn't had a need really to see the physician we see for Karlena and so before they will sign the medical release form we have to bring him in for an appt. (I get it...but I don't like it!)

Isaac has picture day and schedule pick-up for school....can you believe summer is almost over?

Dominic has his 2 week follow-up visit with his surgeon.  Thankfully this appt will be in Marshall so we won't have to take a full day and drive to and from Sioux Falls.  We are hoping everything looks good and he can get back into his boot...he has some really big things in the near future in regards to his business....so there is pressure to be well enough to handle those things. Hopefully I can share more about that later....but I would appreciate prayers about it.

And finally Isaac gets his wisdom teeth removed next Friday.  We scheduled it almost 6 months ago and for many reasons I just can't/shouldn't reschedule. So for a few days we will have 2 Smiths out of commission.

I have found myself saying over and over again the past year "If we can just get through this week....." then things will be ok...it will settle down. Except each new week would offer another "challenge".  I am not proud of our busyness....in fact I think it can be harmful for a family if it isn't`kept in check. So I am trying to find a balance between what is our life right now...and the overwhelming feeling that things are getting out of control. Just being present in the moment and finding pieces of joy and gratitude in the little things.

And how about you...how do you handle those days/weeks that seem overwhelming?? I'd love to hear what works best for you!

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