Sunday, July 1, 2012

Desitin - The Gift That Keeps On Giving....

It has already been a morning....I can tell Isaac isn't here to help me run defense with the kids....I knew Karlena had gone up to the playroom to play. Gabriel and Elijah wanted to watch a movie in their room and I was folding laundry in the living room.

At some point Karlena must have come back downstairs...undetected...unheard.

I was going into our bedroom to put away the clean laundry when I heard a sound.  I knew it wasn't good....because I could hear Karlena in her room...but the light was off and I had a sneaking suspicion that I wasn't going to like what I found in there...

I was right.

 I told you she was a climber...and apparently our changing table is no exception.

She not only sprinkled baby powder all over she found a way to open the lid of the Desitin jar (the jumbo size of course) and smeared it all over the table and herself....
 She looks just a little too pleased with herself right now don't you think?

 And because of the product, you can imagine that it doesn't clean off easily.

Oh and did I mention that when I changed her diaper this morning when she woke up I left my cell phone on the top of the changing table...and forgot it there...

Yep EVERY space on the phone that could be filled with butt cream is. Now this is the life isn't it?!

Karlena seems to be enjoying it though doesn't she?  If she wanted to take another bath she could have just asked!! :)

Who knew that I would be spending my Sunday morning blogging from the bathroom while my daughter sits in the tub and tries to soak off the Desitin. Oh how I wish we could have gone to church instead.

1 comment:

Jess :) said...

OH.MY.SWEET.MERCY!!!!! You poor momma! She sure made quite the mess. :(

Wishing I was closer - I would've come help with clean-up. A story (with picture proof) that will be remembered forever, but I know it wasn't how you hoped your Sunday morning would've gone. Here's to hoping and praying the rest of today is uneventful!!!


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