Thursday, July 12, 2012

Successful Surgery!

Dominic had his surgery yesterday morning and Praise God it was a success.  We had to be at the hospital in Sioux Falls by 8am and surgery was scheduled for 9:10am.  He was feeling a little nervous that morning, but they brought him  back at about 9:20.  His parents and uncle were there in the waiting room with me and that was nice.  We didn't have to wait too long though and at 10:40am they came back to bring us to talk with the doctor.

He said that everything went just as planned. The heel was broken into bigger pieces which was good because he just had to fit them back together and then use the plate to hold them all in place.  He now has 9 new screws in his foot though.  He didn't have to use any "bone bank" fragments like he thought he might so that means that his bone structure wasn't badly damaged either.  And he said that the cartilage looked healthy and hopefully would continue to heal and remain intact.

He told us that it may be that Dominic might have to have a fusion in the future if the cartilage were to deteriorate but hopefully that wouldn't be for 30+ years or more if ever.  He will loose some of the side to side motion of his foot and said that when walking on uneven surfaces he may turn his foot naturally outward to compensate.  Running will not be in his future (likely) but there is no reason that he can't do the weightlifting he was doing. Unfortunately our Jillian workouts with her jumping jacks and jump training will be out of the question. And if he wanted to...he won't be able to skydive :( Thankfully that wasn't something that he planned on doing anyways!

They put a block behind his knee which runs pain meds down the nerve at the back of his leg and so basically his whole leg/foot are numb. This will last for 40 hours after the surgery and we will take it out when we get home.  He also had a drain put in and yesterday they poured out quite a bit of blood from that....but it is nice that it isn't pooling in his leg and his body would have to reabsorb it later.  They have it all wrapped up in a HUGE Ace wrap that he can't mess with for 2 weeks. Then we will come back and they will look at it and hopefully he will get a boot on for the next few months.

His pain in his leg hasn't been terrible since they got the block - but prior to that he described it as "tremendous discomfort". A little concerning because what will it feel like when the block wears off?? Hopefully the first few days are the worst and with the block...are manageable.

He has had a really bad headache that he can't see to shake though. They think it is probably his lack of normal caffeine and then he didn't eat for well over 12 hours. It has gotten a little better since last night so hopefully that goes away also.

The "plan" I guess is that we are discharged by 11am...haven't heard anything specific yet for sure we will see.  Thank you again for all of your prayers. We can't tell you enough how much it means to have so much support from friends and family and even people that we don't know! We were placed on several prayer chains from different churches and it is just a testament to the power of prayer.

God continues to remind me that He is in all the details. And that we can support each other as a community of believers in the simple act of prayer. What a gift you have all given us!

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Kami said...

Praising God with you for a successful surgery! Praying for Dominic as he begins his recovery for minimal pain and no more headaches!! :)

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