Monday, July 18, 2011

Ants and Breezy Acres

So let me just be real here....I can't stand ants. I realize that they too are God's creation and all but seriously why can't they just be God's creation outdoors? Why do they have to invade MY space? :)

So last night I was sitting in the living room with Karlena and I looked over at the edge of the rug and there were several ants crawling around.

GROSS. Did I say I can't stand ants?

Because where there are 1 or 2 ants there are 3 million ants following close behind. I think I have been scarred since I was a teenager. I remember seeing a single little ant on my desk in my room. I told my mom and she got me some Terro on a little note card. I left it and when I came back the white note card was covered in ants.

Yes eventually they all died and the problem was solved but I have never been the same since.  So when I saw the ants last night of course I had to go on a massive cleaning spree vacuuming and sweeping and vacuuming some more. Then I went outside and sprayed Raid around the door frames. I am trying to make it clear to the little guys that even though it is hot out there they need to find another cool place to reside and my house isn't it!!

So at the local Walmart the  cashier asks me, upon seeing my ant traps, if I have ant in my kitchen sink. (Insert the moment when I throw up in my mouth just a little bit....) I say no, but apparently that is where she has them. Never had them before and now has them in her sink. I feel a tiny bit grateful that for now they are just on my rug...

Now on to something completely unrelated....

On our drive to the church we have been attending we pass this house and they have a sign out front that says Breezy Acres...I think it is a bed and breakfast.

For some reason, maybe it is the location, it made us chuckle just a bit and then Dominic said that we could turn our house into a bed and breakfast...

And I said yeah but we couldn't call it Breezy Acres...that just sounds a little too peaceful for our house.  So we started coming up with an advertisement for our potential B&B....

Come to the Smith Resort
Where the projects never end and they never go as's hardly ever quiet, and someone is always crying! If you want an escape from your "normal, calm and peaceful" life then give us a call and our door will be open!! :)

Happy Monday friends!!

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