Saturday, July 23, 2011

Aebleskiver Days and Piles of Rocks

Today my parents came up to Marshall along with my sister Beth and her husband Jeff and sweet Isabel.
The goal was to celebrate my dad's birthday and attend the local Aebleskiever Days in Tyler MN.
Elijah dug right Aebleskiver is like a round ball pancake. The one Elijah had was a little over done but it didn't stop him from digging right in.
Elijah and Grandpa - happy after the yummy food!!
Miss Isabel...a little sleepy after her nap on the way up but with a cute new haircut! She is such a girl's girl - noticing every one's nail boys have never noticed nail polish! :) It will be interesting to see how that changes with Karlena in the house!

Speaking of Karlena....
She was excited about Aebleskiver Days too! So excited that when Dominic handed her over to Jeff so that he could participate in the local activities, she threw up all over him. Sorry about that Jeff!
And what Danish festival isn't complete without some dancing?! And yes...Dominic is dancing with some other blonde....married 15 years and still hasn't danced with least I am not holding a resentment about it! :) :)
Grandpa, Gabriel and Elijah watching daddy dance in the street!
There was also this guy there that had display photos of these rocks that he balanced on top of each other and had several rocks for people to try it for themselves. Isaac and Christian were all about this and the guy even commented that he had never seen someone pick it up as quickly as they did.
So of course now they are hooked....and this is what I have found on and around my front porch since we have been home....piles and piles of stacked rocks.

The neighbors are going to start to wonder about us.... :)

How did you spend your Saturday?

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