Friday, July 15, 2011

Good deals and even better kids!

This seems to be the summer of good deals for me.
That or Marshall just has some really great garage sales.
In addition to the good deals I found, I had to post some more photos of the 3 younger kids. Isaac is spending the week in Beresford with his best friend so the kids are missing him here at home!

Karlena is my pineapple sweetie in this dress I found a few weeks ago at a garage sale down the street!

This Columbia hat was only 50 cents and it matches the free coat and snow pants I got from our old daycare a few weeks before we moved!! He is set for winter for sure!

His attempt at putting it on himself :)

I really wanted a nice picture of all of the kids but they just couldn't all cooperate at the same time! Karlena is mesmerized by that hat!!

Elijah's "new" piggy bank. It plays music and teaches counting and had all the coins to go with it.

And the steal of the day I am most excited about...this is a mens Columbia winter coat. Has the zip out lining and everything. I washed it up tonight and it looks brand new and was only $5!! It is a men's XL and will be a little big for Isaac but I am sure he will be able to use it at some point!

I just finished baking banana bread and am looking forward to a weekend indoors, it is going to be HOT here. How do you plan to spend your weekend??

1 comment:

clare said...

8:00 hair appt, 12:00 lunch with my 3 BFF's from kindergarten (yes we wtill have lunch once a month) 2:00 some time with my two sweet grandchildren. Evening with my VBF and Honey. Sunday morning church and the rest of the day whatever comes along. I would love to go to Jazz Fest for awhile but the heat might keep me away.

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