Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Time Out Anyone??

I think most parents with toddlers in the home can agree that a time out is necessary every once and awhile....or in our case - a lot!

Time out is a word I find myself using...well pretty much every day. :( Ah how I long for the days when he will say "Ok Mommy - I will listen and behave and not hit..."

Anyways....we got home from daycare today and Elijah was starting to act like he does and I told him that he needed to behave or he would have to go in time out.

He put his head down and walked away into the other room where I found him here...
Apparently he put himself into time out!! But he didn't go to the normal time out chair....

He picked this antique chair that my grandparents gave me years ago. It just isn't time out chair appropriate!

This is Elijah when I told him that he couldn't have my camera....see why he might be spending time in time out?! :)
But then he does what he does best....melts me with his smiles. What will I do with this boy of mine?!

In other "Elijah" news his newest thing is saying that someone hit him. Except it sounds like this....

"Mom, Gabriel it me"....

"Mom, Isaac it me"....

"Mom the man it me"..... (Still to this day we don't know who "the man" is!!)

But here is the best part. Typically no one has "it" him and he is totally lying!! One day he even had the nerve to tell me that I "it" him. When I asked him if I hit him in the earlobe he said yes. When I asked him if I hit him in his ankle he said yes. SO apparently I find ways to "it" my kids in the strangest of places! Shame on me!! :)

Maybe I need a time out?! Ask Elijah and he would probably say "Yes"!!

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